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  • Paperback
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  • May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92908-9
  • 2240 pages
  • Volume(s): 2: The Analytic Tradition
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

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      1. Philosophy

      The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant


      Volume(s): 2: The Analytic Tradition

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      Richard Schacht (Editor, General Editor, University of Illinois), James Conant (Editor, University of Chicago), Jay R. Elliott (Editor, Bard College)


      The new standard anthology of nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy.

      The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant provides a comprehensive introduction to the predominantly European (“Continental”) interpretive tradition of philosophy after Kant in one volume, and to the now predominantly Anglo-American analytic tradition in the other. It features the extensive editorial apparatus for which Norton Anthologies have been known and trusted by professors and students alike for more than 50 years. Ideal for courses at all levels in the history of philosophy after Kant, these volumes belong on every philosopher’s (and philosophy student’s) bookshelf.


      Endorsements & Reviews

      “If Conant and Elliott hadn’t done it, I would have thought it was impossible—an anthology that does full justice to the breadth and depth of analytic philosophy, and makes available the significant insights of the philosophers who have shaped the tradition and who loom large in determining its future. Conant and Elliott have, as well, provided the historical context for understanding the tradition, and informative and helpful headnotes illuminating the individual entries. All in all, this is a remarkable achievement, indispensable for beginners and useful for advanced students or anyone wanting to think about what analytic philosophy is and how it got to where it is now.” — Cora Diamond, University of Virginia

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      A wide-ranging and expertly edited selection of texts

      The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant offers a rich collection of primary texts and a wide array of leading figures. In selecting both complete essays and sets of carefully chosen excerpts from longer works, the editors have designed these two volumes to be the most revealing, engaging, teachable, and flexible collections of nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophical texts available. 

      A comprehensive and accessible history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophy

      Taken together, the general and figure-specific introductions in both volumes provide an exceptionally accessible and helpful guide to many of the most important figures and developments in philosophy after Kant. The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant provides an unequaled synthesis of superb collections of primary texts, presentations of their authors, and treatments of the philosophical traditions they created. 

      Trusted editorial apparatus

      For 50 years, Norton Anthologies have set the standard for editorial assistance that is right for student readers. The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant includes:
      · Extensive stage-setting volume and section introductions
      · Figure introductions that precede each philosopher's selections
      · Helpful but unobtrusive explanatory annotations
      · Timelines placing the texts in larger historical context
      · Extensive bibliographies, with helpful commentary for students 

      Affordable and flexible teaching texts--and books to keep

      The Norton Anthology of Western Philosophy: After Kant offers an abundance of carefully selected readings making its two volumes--available individually or as a discounted package --the most teachable and versatile texts available for courses in the history of recent modern philosophy, at an unbeatable price. 

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