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  • October 2015
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Learn more about Race in America.

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    Race in America

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    Matthew Desmond (Author, Harvard University), Mustafa Emirbayer (Author, University of Wisconsin, Madison)


    A groundbreaking approach to thinking about race and racism today.

    Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer, authors of The Racial Order, have written an undergraduate textbook on race relations for the twenty-first century. Every chapter of Race in America examines how racism intersects with other forms of social division—those based on gender, class, sexuality, ability, religion, and nationhood—as well as how whiteness surrounds us in unnamed ways that produce and reproduce a multitude of privileges for white people. Featuring a table of contents that is organized around race and racism in different aspects of social life, Race in America explores the connections between individual and institution, past and present, and the powerful and the powerless.


    A contemporary approach to race relations in the United States

    Today’s society is confronted with problems of racial division that are, in some ways, far more complex and ambiguous than those of straightforward segregation, bigotry, and the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 60s. From exploring intersectionality by looking at the social forces turning hip hop away from—or toward—its political roots and providing thoughtful consideration of how students can participate in the fight for equality and freedom, to incorporating a critical analysis of whiteness without leaving white students feeling guilty or persecuted, Desmond and Emirbayer provide an effective language for discussing and addressing the multifaceted problems of race and racism in today’s society.  

    A chapter organization that examines race and racism in social life

    Chapters are structured around the many and varied social spheres in which racial dynamics operate, from education and politics to work and intimate relationships. Topics explored include racial polarization in American politics; the ways in which poor minority families are challenged by stagnant incomes, lack of housing assistance, and rising housing costs; and various explanations for why the majority of poor Americans are white even though African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians are more likely than whites to be poor.

    Resources that reveal "The Big Picture”

    Race in America is accompanied by a wealth of tools to help students retain and synthesize information. “The Big Picture” concept maps integrate key terms, learning goals, and “From Theory to Practice” activities into visually compelling study resources that serve as pre-reading guides as well as post-reading reviews. InQuizitive is an adaptive learning tool that personalizes quiz questions for each student in an engaging, game-like environment to improve understanding of important learning goals outlined in each chapter of the text.  

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      Chapter 1: Race in the Twenty-First Century
      Chapter 2: The Invention of Race
      Chapter 3: Politics
      Chapter 4: Economics
      Chapter 5: Housing
      Chapter 6: Crime and Punishment
      Chapter 7: Education
      Chapter 8: Aesthetics
      Chapter 9: Associations
      Chapter 10: Intimate Life
      Chapter 11: Toward Racial Democracy

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