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  • Paperback
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  • September 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93562-2
  • 560 pages
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    • The Decameron

      "Celebrated in the Renaissance as the foremost stylist of Italian prose, Boccaccio has seldom met his match in English translation...Wayne Rebhorn’s fluid and dynamic rendition hits the mark on every page." —William J. Kennedy, Cornell University

    • The Decameron

      “Rebhorn deserves our gratitude for an eminently persuasive translation. . . . I celebrate his accomplishment.”—Edith Grossman

    The Decameron

    Norton Critical Editions


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    Giovanni Boccaccio (Author), Wayne A. Rebhorn (Editor, Translator, University of Texas at Austin)


    This volume presents fifty-five stories, newly translated, of the hundred novelle that comprise Boccaccio’s masterpiece.

    Winner of the 2014 PEN USA Literary Award for Translation

    This Norton Critical Edition includes:
    · Fifty-five judiciously chosen stories from Wayne A. Rebhorn’s translation of The Decameron.
    · Introductory materials and explanatory footnotes by Wayne A. Rebhorn, along with three maps.
    · Biographical works by Filippo Villani and Ludovico Dolce along with literary studies by Francesco Petrarca, Andreas Capellanus, and Boccaccio.
    · Eleven critical essays, including those by Giuseppe Mazzotta, Millicent Marcus, Teodolinda Barolini, Susanne L. Wofford, Luciano Rossi, and Richard Kuhns.
    · A Chronology and a Selected Bibliography.


    Endorsements & Reviews

    “Wayne A. Rebhorn succeeds in retaining the quiddities of Giovanni Boccaccio’s original Decameron while rendering a medieval Italian text intelligible to the modern reader of English. His scrupulously detailed translation infuses the text with fresh energy and delicately preserves Boccaccio’s titillating use of language.” — Heliotropia

    “A strikingly modern translation of Boccaccio’s medieval Italian classic. . . . Rebhorn’s translation is eminently readable. His translation’s accessibility allows the timeless humanity of the work to shine through.” — Publishers Weekly

    “Probably the dirtiest great book in the Western canon. . . . Rebhorn’s translation of The Decameron is a thoughtful piece of work, with populist intentions. . . . If you want the true, mixed, fourteenth-century book that Boccaccio wrote, choose Rebhorn.” — Joan Acocella, The New Yorker

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