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Gateways to Art

Understanding the Visual Arts

Second edition

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Debra J. DeWitte (Author, University of Texas at Arlington), Ralph M. Larmann (Author, University of Evansville), M. Kathryn Shields (Author, Guilford College)


The revised and expanded edition of the market-leading art appreciation college textbook.

The Second Edition of Gateways to Art features an even greater emphasis on visual culture and contemporary art. All new "Visual Galleries" conclude each chapter, creating valuable connections throughout the text, while a unique chapter on Content and Analysis leads students step-by-step through detailed analyses of seminal artworks. Last, but not least, recurring “Gateways to Art” features teach students to examine works of art from all angles: formal analysis, media, history, and themes.


Students engage with multiple visuals on every page, developing essential analytical skills as they learn what to look for and why.

With over 1,700 images, Gateways to Art 2e helps students master visual language by seeing. Supporting diagrams accompany any difficult visual concepts introduced in the narrative, and helpful overlays direct attention to important details students new to the study of art tend to miss.  

Designed to facilitate instructor choice

Gateways to Art is divided into four color-coded parts that correspond to the four ways in which instructors teach students to interpret art: fundamentals, media, history, and themes. Created by three experienced instructors, Gateways to Art is the only textbook that is entirely flexible; instructors can choose just the chapters and topics they want to teach, in the order they want to teach them, giving their course the emphasis they want.  

Supports students every step of the way

The author team has crafted Gateways to Art with students in mind. Short chapters make reading assignments manageable. Difficult terms and concepts are defined on the page where they appear, are repeated on a consistent basis throughout the text, and are accompanied by diagrams whenever possible. All-new "Visual Galleries" at the end of every chapter help students trace the evolution of art across time, across cultures, and across media.  

More visual analysis than any competing text

Eight “Gateways to Art”— seminal works from diverse times and places that reappear throughout the text—invite students to take another look, to analyze a work from different perspectives, and to put into practice concepts they’ve learned from a given chapter, reinforcing the common course goal of learning to analyze art in multiple ways. The Second Edition offers two new “Gateways to Art” features. Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror (1932) replaces Matisse’s Icarus (1947), while the Taj Mahal (1632-53) supplants the Pyramids (2551 BCE). Gateways to Art 2e also devotes a full chapter to all the modes of analysis available to students—from formal to stylistic to iconographic and beyond—providing them with a valuable checklist to refer to, then exploring each mode through individual works of art.  

More contemporary art than any competing text

Securing images of contemporary art is an onerous business; fortunately it's a specialty of Thames & Hudson. As such, the Second Edition of Gateways to Art provides an entirely new history chapter on Late Modern and Contemporary Art (3.9). Instructors can now devote more attention to this enormously rich period, and students will benefit from increased exposure to the concepts and theories associated with these works. Furthermore, the Second Edition of Gateways to Art features even more artists from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds throughout the text.  

The Gateways to Art Museum Journal, Second Edition—the ideal, ready-made student assignment

Many art appreciation instructors base their final grades not only on the quizzes and exams they give, but also on the report students make during a visit to their local museum. The Second Edition of the Museum Journal provides a ready made format for this assignment and now features two sections:
1) A helpful checklist on how to prepare for a museum visit, including a list of what to bring to museum, a summary on what to look for and take note of while there, and a tally of the various forms of analysis.
2) An exploration of the many services a museum offers in its endeavor to serve as a part of the greater community through an in-depth look at several important regional museums across the U.S. 

    How to Use Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts
    Gateways Features for Gateways to Art


    Part 1: Fundamentals


    1.1 Line, Shape, and the Principle of Contrast
    1.2 Form, Volume, Mass, and Texture
    1.3 Implied Depth: Value and Space
    1.4 Color
    1.5 Time and Motion
    1.6 Unity, Variety, and Balance
    1.7 Scale and Proportion
    1.8 Emphasis and Focal Point
    1.9 Pattern and Rhythm
    1.10 Content and Analysis

    Part 2: Media and Processes

    2.1 Drawing
    2.2 Painting
    2.3 Printmaking
    2.4 Sculpture
    2.5 Architecture
    2.6 The Tradition of Craft
    2.7 Visual Communication Design
    2.8 Photography
    2.9 Film/Video and Digital Art
    2.10 Alternative Media and Processes

    Part 3: History and Context

    3.1 The Prehistoric and Ancient Mediterranean
    3.2 Art of the Middle Ages
    3.3 Art of India, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia
    3.4 Art of the Americas
    3.5 Art of Africa and the Pacific Islands
    3.6 Art of Renaissance and Baroque Europe (1400–1750)
    3.7 Art of Europe and America, 1700–1865: Rococo to Realism
    3.8 The Modern Aesthetic: Manet in 1863 to the American Scene in the 1930s
    3.9 Late Modern and Contemporary Art: From Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s to the Present Day

    Part 4: Themes

    4.1 Art and Community
    4.2 Spirituality and Art
    4.3 Art and the Cycle of Life
    4.4 Art and Science
    4.5 Art and Illusion
    4.6 Art of Political Leaders and Rulers
    4.7 Art, War, and Revolution
    4.8 Art of Social Conscience
    4.9 The Body in Art
    4.10 Art and Gender

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