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  • September 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93896-8
  • 768 pages
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Social Psychology

Fourth Edition

Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

with InQuizitive and interactive Ebook registration

Tom Gilovich (Author, Cornell University), Dacher Keltner (Author, University of California, Berkeley), Serena Chen (Author, University of California, Berkeley), Richard E. Nisbett (Author, University of Michigan)


A dynamic introduction to the science, relevance, and excitement of today’s social psychology.

Written by four award-winning teachers and researchers who represent the breadth and depth of the field, Social Psychology, Fourth Edition, encourages students to become critical thinkers about the research, theories, and applications of social psychology. The new formative, adaptive learning tool, InQuizitive, keeps students learning and interacting with content in a variety of ways to improve student comprehension.


Not So Fast … Critical Thinking about Empirical Claims

 Critical thinking concepts come alive in a uniquely clear and powerful way when applied to the context of social psychology, encouraging students to engage more deeply. A new feature, “Not So Fast … Critical Thinking about Empirical Claims” encourages students to “slow down” and think more deeply about the science and stories of the field. Each chapter ends with a new set of open-ended “Think About It” questions that challenge students to think critically in the context of research-related and real-life scenarios. An Answer Guideline appendix provides in-depth sample solutions to these questions.

Shows the empirical basis of social psychology

 Clear writing lends a voice to exciting research stories to give students a taste of the science behind the concepts. “Behind the Citation” videos of our authors tell stories about surprising findings in their own research. “You Be the Subject” features encourage students to take action and be their own research experiment.

InQuizitive: Play with a purpose

InQuizitive, a formative, adaptive online tool, improves student comprehension of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings by personalizing quiz questions for each student. Engaging, game-like elements built into InQuizitive motivate students as they learn. 

    1. An Invitation to Social Psychology
    2. The Methods of Social Psychology
    3. The Social Self
    4. Social Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations
    5. Social Attribution: Explaining Behavior
    6. Emotion
    7. Attitudes, Behavior, and Rationalization
    8. Persuasion
    9. Social Influence
    10. Relationships and Attraction
    11. Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
    12. Groups
    13. Aggression
    14. Altruism and Cooperation
    Application Module #1: Social Psychology and Health
    Application Module #2: Social Psychology and Personal Finance
    Application Module #3: Social Psychology and Education
    Application Module #4: Social Psychology and the Law

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