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  • February 2015
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  • 848 pages
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The Norton Anthology of World Religions



Donald S. Lopez, Jr. (Editor, University of Michigan), Jack Miles (General Editor, University of California at Irvine)


This groundbreaking new Norton Anthology enables the six major, living, international world religions to speak to students in their own words.

Edited by world-renowned scholars under the direction of Pulitzer Prize–winner Jack Miles, The Norton Anthology of World Religions provides a flexible library of more than 1,000 primary texts from the world’s major religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—in six portable paperbacks. This anthology unites foundational works—the Bhagavad Gita, the Daode jing, the Bible, the Qur’an—with the writings of scholars, seekers, believers, and skeptics whose voices have kept these religions vital for centuries, allowing instructors to shape a variety of courses. The selections are supported by the meticulously prepared apparatus—introductions, explanatory annotations, bibliographies, maps, and glossaries—for which Norton Anthologies have set the standard for fifty years.

Unprecedented in scope and approach, The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Buddhism brings together over 100 substantial selections from the fifth century B.C.E. to the present day, organized by country to mirror the spread of Buddhism from India to China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, and the United States. The volume features Jack Miles’s illuminating General Introduction—“How the West Learned to Compare Religions”—as well as Donald S. Lopez, Jr.’s “In the World of the Buddha,” a lively primer on the history and core tenets of Buddhism.


Six major, living, international world religions presented in breadth and depth

The Norton Anthology of World Religions offers an unmatched comprehensive overview of religious texts. Selections are variously organized by language, country, region, theme, topic, or literary form to best highlight the distinctive storylines, and chronology provides a consistent backbone as each volume tells its own story. Each storyline begins with its origins in foundational works and moving over thousands of years and tens of thousands of miles to its twenty-first-century, global present: a world of religious mixing, interfaith cooperation, and interfaith conflict. 

Lively and accessible introductions

Each volume’s introduction is written by a world-renowned scholar and provides invaluable context, combining necessary historical background, current scholarship, and a lively point of view. 

Trusted editorial apparatus

For fifty years, Norton has set the standard for editorial help that is right for undergraduate readers, and The Norton Anthology of World Religions makes over 1,000 texts—some familiar, many perplexing—from ancient and present-day world languages accessible to beginners. Instructors will welcome a wealth of features carefully developed for providing historical, geographical, and biographical context in the classroom, including:

- Selection headnotes and explanatory annotations
- Pronouncing glossaries preceding the selections
- Chronologies for each tradition, enabling the reader to place the texts in larger historical context
- Maps (1–4 in each volume) with important geographic and demographic information
- Over 20 black-and-white images and 8 color plates in each volume
- A glossary of unfamiliar terms for each tradition
- Selected discursive bibliographies, tailored to undergraduates

Affordable and Flexible

With approximately 725 pages per volume, each paperback split is a plenteous yet portable core anthology for a semester-long course, and all are available in any combination, giving instructors the flexibility to shape a wealth of courses.  

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