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  • March 2015
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  • 672 pages
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    1. Music

    The Enjoyment of Music

    Twelfth Edition

    Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

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    Kristine Forney (Author, California State University, Long Beach), Andrew Dell'Antonio (Author, University of Texas, Austin), Joseph Machlis (Author, Late of Queens College, CUNY)


    Setting the Standard. Raising the Bar. The Enjoyment of Music has been the most trusted introduction to music for more than five decades.

    The Enjoyment of Music continues to teach students how to listen and connect to any kind of music. After more than fifty years of successfully preparing students for a lifetime of informed listening, the Twelfth Edition raises the bar with an expanded repertory of appealing music, an exciting new listening and assessment pedagogy, and the richest and most user-friendly online resources available to students today.


    A diverse repertory that develops students’ listening skills

    The Enjoyment of Music, Twelfth Edition, offers clear, streamlined Listening Guides to help students develop lifelong, focused listening skills; the “What to listen for” feature describes individual musical elements they will hear. This edition offers the most diverse and appealing repertory available to students today. Composers and works not found in other appreciation texts include Lili Boulanger, Gabriel Fauré, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, William Billings, and African American spirituals. Non-Western works span Islamic chants to music from early Latin America, India, China, Japan, Mexico, East Africa, and the world of video games. 

    Total Access to music and more

    Students have access to streaming music, interactive Listening Guides—now compatible with mobile devices—orchestra and Metropolitan Opera videos, and much more. For the first time, users of the Shorter Edition have online access to all of the music featured in the Full edition—108 selections totaling ten hours—for an unprecedented value. 

    Quizzing to Learn

    Informed by faculty and student focus groups, Norton's new formative assessment platform, InQuizitive, provides assignments that test students’ knowledge while providing performance-specific feedback. Animations, videos, comparative music examples, and ebook links allow students to learn as they go, mastering both content and concepts to meet course goals. 

    Teaching today’s students how to listen to—and connect with—all kinds of music

    The text is framed by the goals and reasons for creating music throughout history, all of which remain relevant today. “Encounter” boxes expose students to non-Western music; “Interface” sections link music to other subjects students may be studying; and “Your Turn to Explore” activities help students make connections between pieces they’ve studied and music they listen to every day. The online “Explore” exercises are modeled on the “Your Turn To Explore” activities and, using prompt questions, encourage students to apply what they have learned in the text to other styles and examples of music. 

    Greater flexibility and more ease of use than any other appreciation text

    A new modular chapter format makes it easy to adapt the book to any syllabus. Total Access consolidates all digital media—music, video, ebook, activities, and assessments—into an easily accessible framework. With a Norton Coursepack, instructors can customize their course, create their own playlists, customize reading assignments, and assess student performance using the learning management system they already know. 

      Part 1. The Materials of Music
      Prelude 1: Listening to Music Today
      1. Melody: Musical Line
      2. Rhythm and Meter: Musical Time
      3. Harmony: Musical Depth
      4. The Organization of Musical Sounds
      5. Musical Texture
      6. Musical Form
      7. Musical Expression: Tempo and Dynamics
      8. Music and Words
      9. Voices and Instrument Families
      10. Western Musical Instruments
      11. Musical Ensembles
      12. Style and Function of Music in Society

      Part 2: Medieval and Renaissance Music
      Prelude 2: The Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
      13. Listening to the Dove: Medieval Sacred Music
      14. Courtiers and Carols: Medieval Secular Music
      15. Textures of Prayer: Renaissance Sacred Music
      16. Singing in Friendship: Renaissance Secular Vocal Music
      17. Ceremony and Dance: Renaissance Instrumental music

      Part 2: The Baroque Era
      Prelude 3: The Baroque Spirit
      18. Drama through Music: Baroque Opera
      19. Glorious Worship: Baroque Liturgical Music
      20. Collective Praise: Baroque Devotional Music
      21. Form and Process: Baroque Chamber Music
      22. Grace and Grandeur: The Baroque Suite
      23. Contrasts and Combinations: The Baroque Concerto

      Part 4: Eighteenth-Century Classicism
      Prelude 4: Classicism in the Arts
      24. Form as Meaning: Classical Forms
      25. Musical Conversations: Classical Chamber Music
      26. The Ultimate Instrument: The Classical Symphony
      27. Conversation with a Leader: The Classical Concerto
      28. Voicing Classicism: Choral Music and Opera

      Part 5: The Romantic Era
      Prelude 5: The Spirit of Romanticism
      29. Musical Readings: early Romantic Art Song
      30. Dancing at the Keyboard: Romantic Piano Miniatures
      31. Piano Center Stage: Larger Piano and Chamber Works
      32. Crossing the Atlantic: Nineteenth-century American Traditions
      33. Personal Soundtracks: Romantic Program Music
      34. Absolutely Classic: The Romantic Symphony and Concerto
      35. Multimedia Hits and Total Art: National Styles of Romantic Opera
      36. Foreign Allure: Opera and Exoticism
      37. End of an Era: Late Romantic and Post-Romantic Traditions
      38. Images and Symbols: Impressionists and Post-Impressionists

      Part 6: Twentieth-Century Modernism
      Prelude 6: Making Music Modern
      39. Calculated Shock: European Modernists
      40. Chaos into Order: The Second Viennese School
      41. New World Order: American Modernists
      42. Sounds American: Nationalism in the Americas
      43. Classic Rethinking: Nationalism in Europe

      Part 7: Music Beyond the Concert Hall
      Prelude 7: The Rise of American Popular Styles
      44. A Good Beat: March and Ragtime
      45. American Intersections: Jazz and Blues
      46. Staged Sentiment: American Musical Theater
      47. Underscoring Meaning: Music for Film
      48. On the Charts: Rock in the Kaleidoscope of Commercial Music

      Part 8: Postmodernism: The Twentieth Century and Beyond

      Prelude 8: New Directions in the Arts
      49. Posthuman Possibilities: Music and Technology
      50. Expanded Sound Palettes: The New Virtuosity in Europe
      51. Extended Techniques: The New Virtuosity in America
      52. Reflective Evocations: Neo-Romanticism in the Twenty-First Century
      53. Less Is More: Contemporary Minimalist Trends

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