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Psychological Science

Fifth Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

with ZAPS 2.0, Ebook, and InQuizitive registration

Michael Gazzaniga (Author, University of California, Santa Barbara), Diane Halpern (Author, Minerva Schools)


Reflecting the latest APA Guidelines and accompanied by an exciting, new, formative, adaptive online learning tool, Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, will train your students to be savvy, scientific thinkers.

Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, is a dynamic introduction to psychology that reflects the latest APA Guidelines. With psychological reasoning at the core of this edition, students will learn to critically evaluate information and become better scientific thinkers. W. W. Norton’s new, formative, adaptive online learning tool, InQuizitive, identifies what students know, personalizes review content to give them the help they need, and improves student understanding through an engaging, gamelike environment.


Endorsements & Reviews

“I find your writing style and level absolutely a delight. Bravo to the authors!” — Sally Cerny, Rutgers University, Newark

“It is very easy to read, and concepts are explained in an orderly, systematic fashion.” — Joan Bihun, University of Colorado

“Very dynamic online tool that adapts to your learning style. Very hands-on and modern?not just multiple choice.” — Rachel Taylor, University of Vermont student, on InQuizitive

“It is more interactive than most tools out there and is fast and easy to use.” — Aria Bendix, Harvard University student, on InQuizitive

Current research guarantees thorough knowledge base in psychology

In addition to including the historical studies and theories that are essential to grasping the foundations of psychology, Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, gives students a compelling insider’s look into the groundbreaking questions psychologists explore today. Neuroscience, a hallmark of the text, has been extended beyond the “Brain and Behavior” chapter to show how modern brain science informs all areas of psychology. The “Personality” and “Social Psychology” chapters have also been substantially revised to reflect current work, such as major studies of modern racism.  

InQuizitive: Play with a purpose

InQuizitive, a formative, adaptive online tool, improves student comprehension of major concepts by quizzes personalized to help individual students get help where they need it most. Engaging, gamelike elements motivate students as they learn. 

An emphasis on scientific inquiry and critical thinking

Psychological reasoning, a new theme in Psychological Science, can help improve critical thinking skills not only in the classroom but also in the workplace and everyday life. “What to Believe? Using Psychological Reasoning,” a feature showcased in each chapter, discusses major biases in psychological reasoning and explores them through aspects of pop culture and common situations that students can relate to. For example, the Chapter 1 “Psychological Reasoning” feature uses perception of singing talent on American Idol to examine the self-serving bias. The Chapter 2 feature analyzes illusory shooting streaks in sports. 

ZAPS 2.0: Norton Introductory Psychology Labs

ZAPS helps students examine over 20 core concepts in the text as they conduct online experiments, gather and explore data, and share results. Each lab is introduced by a brief video that shows how the topic connects to students’ lives. Students then engage in a hands-on experience that, in most labs, produces data based on their individual responses. The theories behind the concepts are then explained alongside the data the student has generated. A new assessment component lets students confirm that they understand the concept. 

Foster ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world

Throughout the fifth edition, carefully selected examples and a dynamic visual program expose students to issues of gender and sexuality, ethics, and diversity. One such topic is the impact of cochlear implants on deaf culture. Instructors also receive Michael Gazzaniga’s “On Ethics” essays, with related activity suggestions. 

Give students the skills they need for professional development

Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, helps students effectively apply psychology to their everyday lives and career goals. “Using Psychology in Your Life” features, which appear in every chapter, show students how to use the psychological concepts they learn to navigate such areas as emotional regulation in the workplace. New MCAT questions for psychology are available for instructors to assign to further ensure student comprehension. 

    Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology
    Chapter 2: Research Methodology
    Chapter 3: Biology and Behavior
    Chapter 4: Consciousness
    Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception
    Chapter 6: Learning
    Chapter 7: Attention and Memory
    Chapter 8: Language, Thinking, and Intelligence
    Chapter 9: Human Development
    Chapter 10: Emotion and Motivation
    Chapter 11: Health and Well-Being
    Chapter 12: Social Psychology
    Chapter 13: Personality
    Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders
    Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders