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  • September 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92179-3
  • 608 pages
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Lincoln's Selected Writings

Norton Critical Editions


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Abraham Lincoln (Author), David S. Reynolds (Editor, City University of New York Graduate Center)


Bancroft Prize–winning scholar David S. Reynolds edits and introduces a broad selection of Abraham Lincoln’s writings—from his earliest days through his last.

Lincoln’s Selected Writings includes a rich selection of his public and private letters, speeches, eulogies, proposals, debate transcriptions, addresses (including the First and Second Inaugurals), and more. The texts are accompanied by explanatory annotations, a detailed preface, a note on the texts, and a list of abbreviations.

Lincoln’s writings are followed by contemporary responses to him in poems, songs, and articles; representations of Lincoln in modern imaginative and nonfiction writing; and selections from recent cross-disciplinary studies of Lincoln—including discussions of his literary techniques and oratorical style as well as examinations of his political evolution in new cultural and social contexts. Among the many contributors are Horace Greeley, Jesse Hutchinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Karl Marx, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Victor Hugo, and Walt Whitman.

“Modern Views” presents sixteen major interpretations of Lincoln’s life, work, and legacy carefully chosen to promote discussion. The contributors are Carl Sandburg, Allen C. Guelzo, James Oakes, Gillian Silverman, Richard N. Current, Harold Holzer, Sean Wilentz, Eric Foner, Manisha Sinha, Robert A. Ferguson, Gabor Boritt, James McPherson, Stephen Cushman, Faith Barrett, David S. Reynolds, and Richard Carwardine and Jay Sexton.

A chronology, selected bibliography, and index are also included.


Endorsements & Reviews

“An extremely valuable addition to Lincoln studies, carefully edited and introduced by the editor” — Mason Lowance, UMass Amherst

“David Reynolds masterfully presents the most broad-ranging and revealing array of documents by or about Lincoln to appear in a single volume.” — Alan Taylor, University of California, Davis

“This expansive but carefully curated array of writings by and about Abraham Lincoln provides readers with an excellent source from which to draw in seeking to come to grips with the most eloquent and philosophically serious President Americans have had thus far.” — Randall Kennedy, Harvard Law School