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  • February 2014
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  • 182 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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      The Norton Mix: Film


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      Lester Friedman (Author, Hobart and William Smith Colleges), David Desser (Author, University of Illinois, Emeritus), Sarah Kozloff (Author, Vassar College), Martha Nochimson (Author), Stephen Prince (Author, Virginia Tech University), Karen Gocsik (Author, University of California, San Diego), Dave Monahan (Author, University of North Carolina, Wilmington), Richard Barsam (Author, Hunter College), Bill Nichols (Author, San Francisco State University), Jeffrey Geiger (Editor, University of Essex), R. L. Rutsky (Editor, San Francisco State University)


      Film Studies—Your Way.

      Mix chapters, essays, and other material from best-selling Norton film texts—An Introduction to Film Genres, Engaging Cinema: An Introduction to Film Studies, Film Analysis: A Norton Reader, and Writing about Movies—to create the perfect hybrid book for nearly any sort of undergraduate film course. Package with Looking at Movies, American Film: A History, or A History of Narrative Film, or any other Norton text to create a package that fits your course and your students’ budget.


      Your Course, Your Book

      Create the perfect book for your course by selecting chapters, essays, and other material from best-selling Norton film texts—Introduction to Film Genres, Engaging Cinema, Film Analysis, and Writing about Movies. The Norton Mix: Film gives you greater flexibility in course design.

      User Friendly

      The database site makes it easy for professors to find what they want no matter the approach. The process of creating a book will be monitored by Norton’s custom editor at every step so that professors will receive guidance as they create their perfect text.

      Flexible and Affordable

      The texts offered in The Norton Mix: Film allow you to choose from selections on genre in film, the interactions between society and cinema, studies of specific films, and guidance in writing about movies. A glossary of film terms may also be included. The mix-and-match format allows you to reduce the total price your students will pay for course materials.

        Bill Nichols, Engaging Cinema
        Introduction: Engaging Cinema
        Film as a Language
        Forms of Cinematic Engagement and the Avant-Garde Film
        Documentary Film
        Storytelling and Narrative Fiction Film
        Three Fundamental Styles: Realism, Modernism, and Postmodernism
        The Institutional and National Contexts: Hollywood and Beyond
        Genre Films
        Ideology and the Cinema
        Race and Ethnicity in Film
        Gender and Masculinity
        Feminism and Film
        Writing and Speaking about Film

        Jeffrey Geiger and R. L. Rutsky, Film Analysis: A Norton Reader
        Jeffrey Geiger and R. L. Rutsky, Introduction: Film Analysis
        Jeffrey Geiger and R. L. Rutsky, Writing Guidelines and Strategies
        Karin Littau, Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat
        Tom Gunning, A Trip to the Moon
        Daniel Bernardi, The Birth of a Nation
        Paul Coates, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
        Jeffrey Geiger, Nanook of the North
        Hal Gladfelder, Sherlock Jr.
        Bill Nichols, Battleship Potemkin
        R. L. Rutsky, Metropolis
        Tom Conley, Un chien andalou
        Richard Maltby, It Happened One Night
        Charles J. Maland, Modern Times
        Joanne Bernardi, Osaka Elegy
        S. I. Salamensky, Bringing Up Baby
        Christopher Faulkner, The Rules of the Game
        Matthew Bernstein, Stagecoach
        James Naremore, Citizen Kane
        Dana Polan, Casablanca
        Juan Suarez, Meshes of the Afternoon
        Gaylyn Studlar, Double Indemnity
        Marcia Landy, Rome Open City
        Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Bicycle Thieves
        Ian Christie, The Red Shoes
        Aaron Kerner, Rashomon
        Jane Feuer, Singin’ in the Rain
        David Desser, Tokyo Story
        Elizabeth Cowie, Rear Window
        Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Seven Samurai
        Neepa Majumdar, Pather Panchali
        Marilyn Johns Blackwell, The Seventh Seal
        Alastair Phillips, The 400 Blows
        Richard Neupert, Breathless
        Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, Fellini's 8 1/2
        Robert Kolker, 2001: A Space Odyssey
        Jon Lewis, The Godfather
        Shohini Chaudhuri, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
        Steve Neale, Chinatown
        Gilberto M. Blasini, The Last Supper
        Cynthia Fuchs, Taxi Driver
        Philip Rosen, Ceddo
        Jenny Kwok Wah Lau, Peking Opera Blues
        N. Frank Ukadike, Yeelen
        Sharon Willis, Do the Right Thing
        Hamid Naficy, Close-up
        Valerie Smith, To Sleep with Anger
        Shuqin Cui, Raise the Red Lantern
        Anna Everett, Daughters of the Dust
        A. J. Haynes, Pulp Fiction
        Paul Julian Smith, All About My Mother
        Gina Marchetti, In the Mood for Love
        Kevin Sherman, Caché (Hidden)

        Lester Friedman, David Desser, Sarah Kozloff, Martha Nochimson, and Stephen Prince, Introduction to Film Genres
        Slapstick Comedy
        Romantic Comedy
        The Fantasy Film
        The Musical
        The Western
        The Combat Film
        Science Fiction
        The Horror Film
        The Gangster Movie
        The Social Problem Film
        Film Noir
        The Thriller

        Karen Gocsik, Richard Barsam, and Dave Monahan, Writing about Movies
        The Challenges of Writing about Movies
        Looking at Movies
        Analyzing Film
        Generating Ideas
        Researching Movies
        Developing Your Thesis
        Considering Structure and Organization
        Attending to Style
        Revising Your Work