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  • Ebook
  • Bookstore's Wholesale Price: $85.00
  • October 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-52159-7
  • 624 pages
  • Territory Rights: Worldwide

Intimate Relationships

Second Edition

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Thomas N. Bradbury (Author, University of California, Los Angeles), Benjamin R. Karney (Author, University of California, Los Angeles)


A clear, balanced, contemporary look at how relationships work, from leading researchers in the field.

As the first text to fully capture the excitement of today's research findings on couples, Intimate Relationships answers fascinating questions: How do relationships work?Why are they so hard sometimes?What are the principles that guide them?How can we use what we know to make them better?


Contemporary coverage highlights the latest societal trends and research

Intimate Relationships includes coverage of contemporary topics of particular interest to students, including same-sex couples, cohabitation, stressful circumstances, cultural influences, and divorce. “Spotlight On” boxes in each chapter highlight provocative current trends and important concepts. 

The study of intimate relationships is presented as an interdisciplinary field

Tom Bradbury is a clinical psychologist and Ben Karney is a social psychologist—their research is from different perspectives and brings a thoughtful balance to the book. 

Videos feature interviews with individuals, couples, and researchers

The video program for Intimate Relationships is culled from over 100 hours of interviews, conducted by the authors. Video clips, which correspond to the text and follow the structure of the book, show students the perspectives of relationship scientists, practitioners, couples, and individuals on topics relevant to each chapter.  

New Interactive Instructor’s Guide

The Interactive Instructor’s Guide is a searchable database of teaching materials, including traditional Instructor’s Manual materials such as Chapter Outlines with lecture suggestions, suggested Reading and Web Resources, and Student Learning Objectives as well as the Intimate Relationships video resources, which accompany each chapter. The Interactive Instructor’s Guide offers a segment list for each video, making it easy to play just a small section of the video if desired, as well as print-ready handouts with the accompanying discussion questions. 

    Chapter 1. Why Study Intimate Relationships?
    Chapter 2. Tools of Relationship Science
    Chapter 3. Theoretical Frameworks
    Chapter 4. Men and Women, Gay and Straight
    Chapter 5. Attraction and Mate Selection
    Chapter 6. Personality and Personal History
    Chapter 7. Communicating Closeness
    Chapter 8. Managing Differences
    Chapter 9. Beliefs and Values
    Chapter 10. Understanding Each Other
    Chapter 11. Relationships in Context
    Chapter 12. Improving Relationships
    Chapter 13. Relationships Across the Lifespan