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  • Hardcover
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  • April 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91967-7
  • 832 pages
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Intermediate Microeconomics

A Modern Approach

Ninth Edition


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Hal R. Varian (Author, University of California, Berkeley)


Rigorous and modern—the #1 text for Intermediate Microeconomics from the chief economist at Google.

This best-selling text is still the most modern presentation of the subject. The Varian approach gives students tools they can use on exams, in the rest of their classes, and in their careers after graduation.


Cutting-edge content by a trail-blazing economist

Intermediate Microeconomics gets students working with the tools of modern microeconomics. Hal Varian, the chief economist at Google, took part in the economic revolution sparked by new forms of technology and commerce and integrates cutting-edge topics throughout the book in short, topical chapters.  

A time-tested tool to develop problem solving skills

Students begin to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills they’ll use in the rest of their studies and career in Intermediate Microeconomics. Workouts in Intermediate Economics is a straightforward, proven tool to help them practice. This best-selling supplement is keyed to the text and can be packaged with the text at a discount.  

A new chapter on Econometrics

The era of Big Data is upon us. Economics and business students need to understand how to analyze all of the information available to firms and companies. To give them a head start, Hal Varian has added a new chapter that provides an overview of econometrics. 


    1. The Market

    2. Budget Constraint

    3. Preferences

    4. Utility

    5. Choice

    6. Demand

    7. Revealed Preference

    8. Slutsky Equation

    9. Buying and Selling

    10. Intertemporal Choice

    11. Asset Markets

    12. Uncertainty

    13. Risky Assets

    14. Consumer’s Surplus

    15. Market Demand

    16. Equilibrium

    17. Econometrics

    18. Auctions

    19. Technology

    20. Profit Maximization

    21. Cost Minimization

    22. Cost Curves

    23. Firm Supply

    24. Industry Supply

    25. Monopoly

    26. Monopoly Behavior

    27. Factor Markets

    28. Oligopoly

    29. Game Theory

    30. Game Applications

    31. Behavioral Economics

    32. Exchange

    33. Production

    34. Welfare

    35. Externalities

    36. Information Technology

    37. Public Goods

    38. Asymmetric Information

    Mathematical Appendix

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