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Sex Matters

The Sexuality and Society Reader

Fourth Edition


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Mindy Stombler (Editor, Georgia State University), Dawn M. Baunach (Editor, Georgia State University), Wendy Simonds (Editor, Georgia State University), Elroi J. Windsor (Editor, Salem College), Elisabeth O. Burgess (Editor, Georgia State University)


The best-selling sexualities reader in the social sciences.

Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader has a strong sociological focus and a sex-positive perspective. With 38 new readings, Sex Matters covers a wide and diverse range of sexual experiences and identities and tackles controversial issues in a straightforward, nonstigmatizing manner. The editors mix qualitative and quantitative empirical pieces, sexual narratives and personalized accounts, cutting-edge research, and articles from the popular press for a wealth of content and diverse perspectives.


    Chapter 1: Categorizing Sex

    Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Marysol Asencio

        1. Are We Having Sex Now or What? by Greta Christina

        Diversity in Conceptualizing Having “Had Sex” by Stephanie A. Sanders, Brandon J. Hill, William L. Yarber, Cynthia A. Graham, Richard A. Crosby, and Robin R. Milhausen

        2. “Bringing Intersexy Back”? Intersexuals and Sexual Satisfaction by Georgiann Davis

        3. The Perils and Pleasures of Sex for Trans People by Harper Jean Tobin

        4. Straight Dude Seeks Same: Mapping the Relationship between Sexual Identities, Practices, and Cultures by Jane Ward

        5. Gay by Choice? The Science of Sexual Identity by Gary Greenberg

        Queer by Choice, Not by Chance: Against Being “Born This Way” by Lindsay Miller

        6. Straight Girls Kissing by Leila J. Rupp and Verta Taylor

        Bisexuality and Bi Identity by PJ McGann

    Chapter 2: Investigating Sexuality

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Mignon R. Moore

        7. Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Report by Vern L. Bullough

        8. Large-Scale Sex: Methods, Challenges, and Findings of Nationally Representative Sex Research by Amanda M. Jungels and Stacy Gorman

        Doing It Differently: Women’s and Men’s Estimates of Their Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners by Mindy Stombler and Dawn M. Baunach

        9. Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by Allan M. Brandt

        Doing More Good than Harm? Sex Research on Young People in the Netherlands by Lisette Kuyper, John de Wit, Philippe Adam, and Liesbeth Woertman

        10. Sexuality and Social Theorizing by Denise Donnelly, Elisabeth O. Burgess, and Wendy Simonds

        11. Sexing Up the Subject: Methodological Nuances in Researching the Female Sex Industry by Teela Sanders

        Challenges of Funding Sex Research by Mindy Stombler and Amanda M. Jungels

    Chapter 3: Representing Sex

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Joshua Gamson

        12. Representin’ in Cyberspace: Sexual Scripts, Self-Definition, and Hip Hop Culture in Black American Adolescent Girls’ Home Pages by Carla E. Stokes

        13. Geisha of a Different Kind: Gay Asian Men and the Gendering of Sexual Identity by Chong-suk Han

        14. Gay-for-Pay: Straight Men and the Making of Gay Pornography by Jeffrey Escoffier

        What We Know about Pornography by Clive M. Davis and Naomi B. McCormick

        15. Out of Line: The Sexy Femmegimp Politics of Flaunting It! by Loree Erickson

        16. The Porning of America by Carmine Sarracino and Kevin M. Scott

        17. Sexuality in a Virtual World by Cary Costello

    Chapter 4: Learning about Sex

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Ritch C. Savin-Williams

        18. The Death of the Stork: Sex Education Books for Children by Wendy Simonds and Amanda M. Jungels

        What Do I Say to My Children? by Sol Gordon and Judith Gordon

        19. Sexuality Education and Desire: Still Missing After All These Years by Michelle Fine and Sara I. McClelland

        Advancing Sexuality Education in Developing Countries by Heather D. Boonstra

        20. Sex, Love, and Autonomy in the Teenage Sleepover by Amy Schalet

        The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth in American Schools by Joseph G. Kosciw, Emily A. Greytak, Elizabeth M. Diaz, and Mark J. Bartkiewicz

        21. Fighting Teenage Pregnancy with MTV Stars as Exhibit A by Jan Hoffman

        22. Sexual Risk and the Double Standard for African American Adolescent Women by Amy M. Fasula, Kim S. Miller, and Jeffrey Wiener

        23. Put Me In, Coach! Sex Lessons for Adults by Diana Spechler

    Chapter 5: Sexual Bodies

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Leonore Tiefer

        24. The G-Spot and Other Mysteries by Elisabeth O. Burgess and Amy Palder

        Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America by Scott Poulson-Bryant

        25. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Why Can’t We Stop Circumcising Boys? by Robert Darby

        26. The Politics of Acculturation: Female Genital Cutting by Lisa Wade

        27. Fixing the Broken Male Machine by Meika Loe

        28. In Search of (Better) Sexual Pleasure: Female Genital “Cosmetic” Surgery by Virginia Braun

        29. The Pleasures of Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

        30. Boundary Breaches: The Body, Sex and Sexuality after Stoma Surgery by Lenore Manderson

    Chapter 6: Sexual Practices

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Michael Reece

        31. The Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure by B. J. Rye and Glenn J. Meaney

        How American Teens View Sex by Madison Park

        32. Getting, Giving, Faking, Having: Orgasm and the Performance of Pleasure by Breanne Fahs

        33. A Sexual Culture for Disabled People by Tobin Siebers

        What’s a Leg Got to Do with It? by Donna Walton

        34. The Privilege of Perversities: Race, Class and Education Among Polyamorists and Kinksters by Elisabeth Sheff and Corie Hammers

        35. There’s More to Life than Sex? Difference and Commonality within the Asexual Community by Mark Carrigan

        Grandma Does WHAT!? Talking With Older Adults About Sex by Christina Barmon, Alexis A. Bender, and Elisabeth O. Burgess

        36. “Reclaiming Raunch”? Spatializing Queer Identities at Toronto Women’s Bathhouse Events by Catherine Jean Nash and Alison Bain

        37. Visibility as Privilege and Danger: Heterosexual and Same-Sex Interracial Intimacy by Amy C. Steinbugler

        38. Becoming a Practitioner: The Biopolitics of BDSM by Margot Weis

    Chapter 7: Sexual Disease

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Héctor Carrillo

        39. Secondary Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections: Treating the Couple and Community by Adam Sonfield

        40. Venereal Disease: Sin versus Science by Elizabeth Fee

        41. Damaged Goods: Women Managing the Stigma of STDs by Adina Nack

        HPV Vaccines: Kids and Controversy by Evelina Sterling and Wendy Simonds

        The Unexplored Story of HIV and Aging by George P. Schmid, Brian G. Williams, Jesus Maria Garcia-Calleja, Chris Miller, Emily Segar, Monica Southworth, David Tonyan, Jocelyn Wacloff, and James Scott

        42. Condom Use and Meaning in Rural Malawi by Iddo Tavory and Ann Swidler

        Prophylactic Circumcision: Applying Recent Research Results to the United States by Mindy Stombler

    Chapter 8: Social Control of Sexuality

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Amin Ghaziani

        43. The Social Control of Adult-Child Sex by Jeffery S. Mullis and Dawn M. Baunach

        Too Young to Consent? by Elizabeth Cavalier and Elisabeth O. Burgess

        44. Sick Sex by Elroi J. Windsor

        45. Birthright: A History of Planned Parenthood by Jill Lepore

        From Contraception to Abortion: A Moral Continuum by Wendy Simonds

        Choice or Coercion? Abortion and Black Women by Zakiya Luna

        46. Deconstructing “Down Low” Discourse: The Politics of Sexuality, Gender, Race, AIDS, and Anxiety by Layli Phillips

        47. Gay Pakistanis, Still in Shadows, Seek Acceptance by Meghan Davidson Ladly

        48. Hooking Up: Sex in Guyland by Michael Kimmel

        Bullies Use Sexual Taunts to Hurt Teen Girls by Stephanie Pappas

        49. Out in the Country by Mary L. Gray

        LGBTQ Politics in America: An Abbreviated History by Chet Meeks and Marik Xavier-Brier

        50. “How Could You Do This To Me?”: How Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Latinas Negotiate Sexual Identity with Their Families by Katie Acosta

        PFLAG: Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays by K. L. Broad and Maura Rya

    Chapter 9: Sexual Violence

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Lynn Chancer

        51. “I Wasn’t Raped, but . . .” Revisiting Definitional Problems in Sexual Victimization by Nicola Gavey

        Changing the Definition of Rape by Megan Tesene

        All That Sheltering Emptiness by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

        52. Rape Myths by Katie M. Edwards, Jessica A. Turchik, Christina M. Dardis, Nicole Reynolds, and Christine A. Gidycz

        53. The Fantasy of Acceptable “Non-Consent” by Stacey May Fowles

        54. Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape by Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, and Brian Sweeney

        Linking Sexual Aggression and Fraternities by Mindy Stombler and Marni A. Brown

        55. Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis by Jayne Walker, John Archer, and Michelle Davies

        Women Raping Men by Denise Donnelly

        56. Rape and War by Joane Nagel

    Chapter 10: Commercial Sex

        Spotlight on Research: An Interview with Jacqueline Boles

        57. Sex Work for the Middle Classes by Elizabeth Bernstein

        Strip Clubs and Their Regulars by Katherine Frank

        58. Overcome: The Money Shot in Pornography and Prostitution by Lisa Jean Moore

        59. Not for Sale: Stopping Sex Trafficking in the United States and Worldwide by Nadia Shapkina

        60. Marketing Sex: U.S. Legal Brothels and Late Capitalist Consumption by Barbara G. Brents and Kathryn Hausbeck

        Legalized Prostitution by Patty Kelly

    Sex Matters: Future Visions for a Sex-Positive Society by Elroi J. Windsor and Elisabeth O. Burges

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