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  • February 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93531-8
  • 624 pages
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An Introduction to America's Music

Second Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

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Richard Crawford (Author, University of Michigan), Larry Hamberlin (Author, Middlebury College)


An ear-opening exploration of music’s New World, from Puritan psalmody to mash-ups.

Richard Crawford and Larry Hamberlin show how the lively interactions between the folk, popular, and classical spheres have made American music resonate with audiences around the world. Students will learn how to listen critically to eighty-eight pieces in all the major styles and genres, while gaining a clearer understanding of music's role in the history of American society, business, and technology.


Authoritative, engaging, and comprehensive

The authors’ combined knowledge and expertise ensures comprehensive and balanced coverage. Both are masterful storytellers and argue that America’s music has been characterized by the lively interaction between the folk, classical, and popular spheres. The book is organized chronologically into four parts and covers all the major styles and genres of music. In this edition, the coverage of music since 1950 has been greatly expanded. 

Emphasizes close and active listening

In the Second Edition, an introductory unit on musical fundamentals teaches students how to listen and what to listen for. Each point is illustrated by examples drawn from pieces discussed in the book. Redesigned listening guides for eighty-eight individual works represent all the major styles and genres featured in the book. Each guide highlights the essential points of each piece with minute-by-minute descriptions. “What to Listen For” points spotlight the big ideas, and “Listen and Reflect” questions at the end of each guide encourage students to compare and contrast music from different periods and traditions. The Listening Package has been expanded and is now available as a four-CD set, or it can be streamed online.  

New design and outstanding pedagogy

The Second Edition features a vivid new four-color design (with 200 photographs) and in-text features to guide and engage students—including sidebars that supplement the text and give a brief account of people, events, issues, and institutions. Time lines in each part set the events in cultural and historical context.  

Fresh perspectives and provocative connections

From the opening vignette about Barack Obama’s inaugural concert—billed as “We Are One” and featuring a galaxy of rock stars, soul singers, rap artists, country crooners, gospel choirs, and a symphony orchestra—the text shows that there never has been one dominant musical culture or mainstream in American history. Each chapter brings together a diverse range of music and draws out common, unifying themes. The text embraces the study of how people use music: how music functions socially and culturally, how it sets the tone for ritual events, and how it is passed on from generation to generation. And the book delves into the sounds of music and how they operate to create musical meaning. 

    One People, One Music?
    Talking about Music
    Using the Listening Guides

    Part 1. America’s Music from Colonization through the Civil War

    Chapter 1. “Nature Must Inspire the Thought”: Sacred Music in the European Colonies
    Chapter 2. “Old, Simple Ditties”: Secular Music in the Colonies and Early Republic
    Chapter 3. “How Sweet the Sound”: Sacred Music in the New Republic
    Chapter 4. “Make a Noise”: African American Music before the Civil War
    Chapter 5. Cultivating Musical Tastes in Antebellum America
    Chapter 6. “The Ethiopian Business”: Minstrelsy and Parlor Songs

    Part 2. America’s Music from the Civil War to World War I

    Chapter 7. “After the Ball”: Band Music, Gospel Hymns, and Popular Songs after the Civil War
    Chapter 8. Classical Music Comes of Age
    Chapter 9. “All That Is Native and Fine”: Folk Songs, Spirituals, and Their Collectors
    Chapter 10. “Come On and Hear”: Popular Music, Theater, and Dance at the Turn of the Century

    Part 3. America’s Music from World War I through World War II

    Chapter 11. Blues, Country, and Popular Song after World War I
    Chapter 12. Modern Music and Jazz in the 1920s
    Chapter 13. Concert Music between the World Wars
    Chapter 14. Blues, Gospel, Country, and Folk Music in the Great Depression and World War II
    Chapter 15. Film Music, Musical Comedy, and Swing before and during World War II

    Part 4. America’s Music since World War II

    Chapter 16. Classical Music, Jazz, and Musical Theater after World War II
    Chapter 17. Good Rocking Tonight: Popular and Folk Music after World War II
    Chapter 18. Questioning Authority: America’s Music in the 1960s
    Chapter 19. “Stayin’ Alive”: America’s Music in the 1970s
    Chapter 20. America’s Music in the 1980s
    Chapter 21. American Roots Music
    Chapter 22. Remix: America’s Music since 1990

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