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  • November 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92019-2
  • 192 pages
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Anthology for Music in the Renaissance


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Richard Freedman (Author, Haverford College)

Series edited by Walter Frisch


A concise anthology including a wide range of Renaissance music.

Anthology for Music in the Renaissance, part of the Western Music in Context series, is the ideal companion to Music in the Renaissance. Twenty-seven carefully chosen works—including an isorhythmic motet by Ciconia, an English carol, a Janequin chanson, and lute composition by Ortiz—offer representative examples of the genres and composers of the period. Commentaries following each score present a careful analysis of the music, and online links to purchase and download recordings make listening easier than ever.


Concise analysis

In addition to full scores, the anthology includes concise analyses of the music from both formal and stylistic points of view. Information about form appears in tables, so that students can instantly understand the shape of anthology compositions. In addition to supplying concise analyses, the anthology commentaries also address such issues as sources and performance practice.

Easy access to recordings

A wide range of recording options gives students and instructors flexibility in listening to anthology selections. StudySpace provides links to stream nearly every anthology selection from Naxos (accessible via an institutional subscription or a $25 individual subscription), as well as links to purchase and download recordings from iTunes and Amazon, allowing students to listen to music the way they want.

Music in the Renaissance contents | Anthology contents

    Part I: Beginnings

    1. Music and the Cultures of the Renaissance
    2. Learning to Be a Musician

    Part II: Before 1500

    3. Music at Court and a Songbook for Beatrice
    4. Piety, Devotion, and Ceremony
    5. Structures and Symbols in Cantus Firmus and Canon

    Part III: Around 1500

    6. Number, Medicine, and Magic
    7. Music and the Ideal Courtier
    8. Josquin des Prez and the “Perfect Art”
    9. Scribes, Printers, and Owners

    Part IV: After 1500

    10. Music and the Literary Imagination
    11. Music and the Crisis of Belief
    12. The Arts of Improvisation, Embellishment, and Variation
    13. Empire, Exploration, and Encounter
    14. Tradition and Innovation around 1600

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