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  • January 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91917-2
  • 320 pages
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Introduction to Economic Growth

Third Edition


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Charles I. Jones (Author, Stanford University), Dietrich Vollrath (Author, University of Houston)


The long-awaited revision of the text that brought growth theory to the classroom.

Introduction to Economic Growth is the only text to synthesize the journal literature in a way that makes this important field accessible to undergraduates. Charles I. Jones and new co-author Dietrich Vollrath have updated and revised the text to reflect recent advances in Economic Growth Theory in clear, direct language.


A dynamic author team

Author Chad Jones (Stanford University) is a major researcher in the field of economic growth and is known for his ability to synthesize information. New author Dietrich Vollrath (University of Houston) is a recognized contributor to the field and brings up-to-date research to the Third Edition. 

New material on recent advances in Economic Growth Theory

This revision incorporates recent developments in the field. Examples of new material in the Third Edition include:

• A new chapter on Population and the Origin of Sustained Economic Growth
• A new section on the Schumpeterian Growth Model
• A new section on Globalization and Trade

Designed for undergraduates

Economic growth is one of the most important fields in economics and can be quite technical—but Introduction to Economic Growth uses a clear, direct writing style and requires minimal background in math. 


    1. Introduction: The Facts of Economic Growth
    2. The Solow Model
    3. Empirical Applications of Neoclassical Growth Models
    4. The Economics of Ideas
    5. The Engine of Growth
    6. A Simple Model of Growth and Development
    7. Social Infrastructure and Long-Run Economic Performance
    8. Population and the Origin of Sustained Economic Growth
    9. Alternative Theories of Endogenous Growth
    10. Natural Resources and Economic Growth
    11. Understanding Economic Growth