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  • Hardcover
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  • November 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93435-9
  • 880 pages
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Economics of Development

Seventh Edition


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Dwight H. Perkins (Author, Harvard University), Steven Radelet (Author, The State Department), David L. Lindauer (Author, Wellesley College), Steven A. Block (Author, Tufts University)


A dynamic revision of the most modern development economics textbook.

This classic text has been aggressively revised to incorporate the latest research defining the Development Economics field today.


Updated and streamlined

Agriculture remains key to a healthy economy. The Seventh Edition addresses agriculture’s role in growth and poverty alleviation and the institutions needed to create a robust agricultural sector. Several chapters have been heavily revised with new analysis on how economic development happens, the catalysts behind economic growth, the impact of globalization on developing countries, effective trade policies, and how development policies can be made positive and sustainable.  

Incorporates the latest research on economic growth and human resources

The Seventh Edition synthesizes the latest economic growth theories with new research on technological change, laws protecting patents and copyright, institutions fostering innovation and invention, government stability, and the rule of law. New study-based policies for lowering population growth rates have also been added. Considering the added and revised chapters of this edition, as well as the five new chapters added to the previous edition, two-thirds of the text has been heavily updated in the past six years.  

Authoritative and comprehensive coverage

The authors are all distinguished scholars and practitioners, combining to produce a balanced and authoritative text. New coauthor Steven Block, an esteemed researcher and teacher, brings his expertise in agricultural development to the Seventh Edition. 

    Part One: Development and Growth
    1. Patterns of Development
    2. Measuring Economic Growth and Development
    3. Economic Growth: Concepts and Patterns
    4. Theories of Economic Growth
    5. States and Markets
    Part Two: Distribution and Human Resources
    6. Inequality and Poverty
    7. Population
    8. Education
    9. Health
    Part Three: Macroeconomic Policies for Development
    10. Investment and Savings
    11. Fiscal Policy
    12. Financial Development and Inflation
    13. Foreign Debt and Financial Crisis
    14. Foreign Aid
    15. Managing Short-Run Crises in an Open Economy
    Part Four: Agriculture, Trade, and Sustainability
    16. Agriculture and Development
    17. Agricultural Development: Technology, Policies, and Institutions
    18. Trade and Development
    19. Trade Policy
    20. Sustainable Development