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Alice in Wonderland

Norton Critical Editions

Third Edition


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Lewis Carroll (Author, Christ Church College, Oxford), Donald Gray (Editor, Indiana University)


Newly discovered letters by Lewis Carroll, an expanded selection of diary excerpts, and a wealth of new biographical materials are some of the features of this revised Norton Critical Edition.

This perennially popular Norton Critical Edition again reprints the 1897 editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass along with the 1876 edition of The Hunting of the Snark. Each text is fully annotated and the original illustrations are included.

An unusually rich “Backgrounds” section is arranged to correspond with three clearly defined periods in Lewis Carroll’s life. Letters and diary entries interwoven within each period emphasize the biographical dimension of Carroll’s writing. Readers gain an understanding of the author’s family and education, the evolution of the Alice books, and Carroll’s later years through his own words and through important scholarly work on his faith life and his relationships with women and with Alice Hargreaves and her family.

Reflecting the wealth of new scholarship on Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll published since the last edition, Donald Gray has chosen eleven new critical works while retaining five seminal works from the previous edition. Two early pieces—an essay by Charles Dickens and poem by Christina Rossetti—take a satirical look at children’s literature. The nine new recent essays are by James R. Kincaid, Marah Gubar, Robert M. Polemus, Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Gilles Deleuze, Roger Taylor, Carol Mavor, Jean Gattégno, and Helena M. Pycior.

The Selected Bibliography has been updated and expanded.


    Preface to the Third Edition




    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Through the Looking-Glass

    The Wasp in a Wig

    The Hunting of the Snark




    Family and Education
    Morton N. Cohen • Beginnings
    Donald Thomas • Facing the World
    Morton N. Cohen • Cap and Gown
    From the Letters of Lewis Carroll, 1840–1857
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1855–1864
    Michael Bakewell • [Ordination]

    The Alice Books
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1862–1865
    Alice and Caryl Hargreaves • Alice’s Recollections of Carrollian Days
    From the Letters of Lewis Carroll, 1864–1885
    From Lewis Carroll and the House of Macmillan: Letters, 1869–1895
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1865–1886
    Lewis Carroll • From Alice on the Stage

    Later Life
    Derek Hudson • [Rooms at Christ Church]
    Isa Bowman • A Visit to Christ Church
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1871–1874
    From the Letters of Lewis Carroll, 1868–1897
    Morton N. Cohen • The Man’s Faith
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1880–1891
    E. M. Rowell • To Me, He Was Mr. Dodgson
    Karoline Leach • [Dodgson’s Friendships with Women]
    From Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, 1885–1892
    Stuart Dodgson Collingwood • An Old Bachelor
    Donald Thomas • [Death]

    Charles Dickens • From Frauds Upon the Fairies
    Christina Rossetti • From Goblin Market
    Gillian Avery • Fairy Tales for Pleasure
    Nina Auerbach • Alice and Wonderland: A Curious Child
    Donald Rackin • Blessed Rage: The Alices and the Modern Quest for Order
    James R. Kincaid • The Wonder Child in Neverland
    Marah Gubar • Reciprocal Aggression
    Robert M. Polhemus • Lewis Carroll and the Child in Victorian Fiction
    Elizabeth Sewell • The Balance of Brillig
    Jean-Jacques Lecercle • The Pragmatics of Nonsense
    Gilles Deleuze • Thirty-Third Series of Alice’s Adventures
    Michael Holquist • What Is a Boojum? Nonsense and Modernism
    Roger Taylor • “All in the Golden Afternoon”: The Photographs of Charles Ludwidge Dodgson
    Carol Mavor • Utopographs, or The Myth of Everlasting Flowers
    Jean Gattégno • Mathematics
    Helena M. Pycior • [Mathematics and Humor]

    Selected Bibliography