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  • May 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-97995-4
  • 480 pages
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Field Experiments

Design, Analysis, and Interpretation


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Alan S. Gerber (Author, Yale University), Donald P. Green (Author, Columbia University)


A brief, authoritative introduction to field experimentation in the social sciences.

Written by two leading experts on experimental methods, this concise text covers the major aspects of experiment design, analysis, and interpretation in clear language. Students learn how to design randomized experiments, analyze the data, and interpret the findings. Beyond the authoritative coverage of the basic methodology, the authors include numerous features to help students achieve a deeper understanding of field experimentation, including rich examples from the social science literature, problem sets and discussions, data sets, and further readings.



    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Causal Inference and Experimentation

    Chapter 3: Sampling Distributions, Statistical Inference, and Hypothesis Testing

    Chapter 4: Using Covariates in Experimental Design and Analysis

    Chapter 5: One-Sided Noncompliance

    Chapter 6: Two-Sided Noncompliance

    Chapter 7: Attrition

    Chapter 8: Interference between Experimental Units

    Chapter 9: Heterogeneous Treatment Effects

    Chapter 10: Mediation

    Chapter 11: Integration of Research Findings

    Chapter 12: Instructive Examples of Experimental Design

    Chapter 13: Writing an Experimental Proposal, Research Report, and Journal Article

    Appendix A: Protection of Human Subjects

    Appendix B: Suggested Field Experiments for Class Projects