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  • Online Resource, Zaps
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  • May 2009
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The Norton Psychology Labs

Online Resource, Zaps

Ton de Jong (Author, University of Twente)


The Norton Psychology Labs (produced by the psychology departments at the University of Twente and the University of Rotterdam) are a collection of interactive online labs that allow students to participate in classic psychological studies.

The labs give students a firm understanding of fundamental concepts by allowing them to experience psychological phenomena firsthand, taking the role of either subject or researcher in engaging, diverse experiments and demonstrations. Ideal for introductory and cognitive psychology courses, these groundbreaking online labs are a fun and unique way for students to learn core principles. Each ZAPS experiment includes an introduction and a follow-up section that clarifies the psychological theories behind it, ensuring that students understand important concepts. A brand *new* lab on the “cocktail party effect” invites students to don headphones and test their own ability to attend two different messages at once.  Website accessibility here.