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  • Hardcover
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  • December 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93523-3
  • 719 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

We the People

An Introduction to American Politics

Full Eighth Edition (with policy chapters)


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Benjamin Ginsberg (Author, The Johns Hopkins University), Theodore J. Lowi (Author, Cornell University), Margaret Weir (Author, University of California, Berkeley)


Politics is relevant.

The best book for engaging students in American politics is also the most effective for helping students study and learn. We the People emphasizes the ways that government and politics matter and the ways that people can get involved in politics and influence government. In the Eighth Edition, We the People offers a more contemporary approach to engage students in American politics with new features based on how today’s students study and learn. New pedagogical features, such as highly visual “Who Are Americans?” units and Focus Questions that recur throughout the chapter, help students engage with the material and succeed in the course.


In-text features emphasize relevance and participation

Students learn better when they can see the relevance of what they are learning: Chapter introductions on What Government Does and Why It Matters explain why they should care about the chapter’s topic; Politics and Popular Culture boxes connect politics to topics like television, film, the Internet, and music; and Get Involved sections explain realistic ways that today’s students (even those with busy lives!) can participate in politics. 

New “Who Are Americans?” units build on visual learning

New “Who Are Americans?” units use bold graphics to appeal to visually oriented students and provide a “statistical snapshot” of the nation related to that chapter’s topic. Critical-thinking questions in each “Who Are Americans?” box and related exercises on the StudySpace website and in the Instructor PowerPoint slides give students a chance to compare their own views and experiences and consider the political implications.

Sample topics include:

• An Increasingly Diverse Nation

• Who Supports Which Party?

• Who Are the Members of Congress?

Study and review features developed for today’s students

The pedagogical program was developed and refined based on feedback from students about how they use their textbook.

Features include:

Focus Questions, which appear at the start of the chapter and recur in the running heads above the relevant sections throughout the chapter, create a more active reading experience.

Enhanced end-of-chapter review sections include expanded practice tests (15 questions, organized by chapter headings) with page references for each question, so students can easily go back and study the appropriate section if they get the question wrong.

Closer integration of online resources, including specific information in the end-of-chapter review sections about related resources available on the StudySpace website.

Innovative use of visuals to prompt critical thinking. Each figure and most photographs are accompanied by captions that include critical-thinking questions, prompting students to use what they have learned to think through crucial questions about American politics.

A cutting-edge, book-specific media package

The updated Norton American Politics DVD and extensive materials for online courses give instructors all the tools they need, in the classroom or on the Web.

The Norton American Politics DVD has been bringing lectures to life around the country since it was first published four years ago. Like previous editions, the new updated DVD includes more than 100 fun, illuminating, and brief video clips from classic and contemporary sources. The DVD includes segments from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, recent election advertisements from candidates and political action committees, clips from documentaries, and historical footage. Clips are approximately 30 seconds to 5 minutes long.

Norton Coursepacks provide instructors using WebCT, Blackboard, or other course-management systems with a rich set of ready-to-go assignments for their online or hybrid course.

Ready-to-Go Online Course. Norton American Government Online: We the People brings together the rich assignments of the Norton Coursepacks with the We the People ebook to provide students and instructors with an inexpensive, ready-to-go online course.

The best value in American government

We the People, Eighth Edition, offers the lowest prices of any mainstream full-color text with a version to suit any course: full, shorter, essentials, and Texas editions. StudySpace, the book-specific student website, is free and open. 

Download Infographic: Who Are the Members of Congress? (pdf)

Download Infographic: An Increasingly Diverse Nation (pdf)

    Part I. Foundations

    1. American Political Culture
    2. The Founding and the Constitution
    3. Federalism
    4. Civil Liberties
    5. Civil Rights

    Part II. Politics

    6. Public Opinion
    7. The Media
    8. Political Participation and Voting
    9. Political Parties
    10. Campaigns and Elections
    11. Groups and Interests

    Part III. Institutions

    12. Congress
    13. The Presidency
    14. Bureaucracy in a Democracy
    15. The Federal Courts

    Part IV. Policy

    16. Government and the Economy
    17. Social Policy
    18. Foreign Policy and Democracy