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  • December 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-93424-3
  • 739 pages
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Intermediate Microeconomics

A Modern Approach

Eighth Edition


Hal R. Varian (Author, University of California, Berkeley)


The #1 best-selling intermediate microeconomics text in the world is still the most modern and contemporary.

Varian is “the Adam Smith of the new discipline of Googlenomics.”—Stephen Levy, Wired

For over 20 years Hal Varian’s Intermediate Microeconomics has given students the most current and complete coverage of intermediate microeconomics at an appropriate mathematical level. The Eighth Edition includes contemporary case studies and examples and relevant coverage of the current economic crisis—all in focused, lecture-length chapters.


Contemporary examples relevant to students

As one of the leading scholars of the Internet and the Chief Economist of Google, Varian offers the best coverage of the most dynamic sector of the economy—online markets—with unparalleled authority.

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Expanded coverage of modern microeconomics

Intermediate Microeconomics has always been the most up-to-date text available to undergraduates. For the Eighth Edition, Hal Varian has included even more coverage of modern microeconomic concepts.

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Insightful material on the worldwide economic crisis

The current economic crisis has affected millions of individuals and caused professors around the world to rethink how they teach economics. Intermediate Microeconomics provides expanded coverage of concepts relevant to the crisis.

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Thoughtful coverage of the impact of government policy

With a foot in both the business and the academic worlds, Varian provides students with a balanced take on the impact of government policy on the economy.

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Superior problem-solving approach

Intermediate Microeconomics’ sharp focus on problem solving helps ensure students’ full understanding of critical topics. With the companion workbook, Workouts for Intermediate Microeconomics, and online homework available with the Aplia Homework Management System, Intermediate Microeconomics provides students with more resources for solving problems and internalizing concepts than any other book in the field.

    1. The Market

    2. Budget Constraint

    3. Preferences

    4. Utility

    5. Choice

    6. Demand

    7. Revealed Preference

    8. Slutsky Equation

    9. Buying and Selling

    10. Intertemporal Choice

    11. Asset Markets

    12. Uncertainty

    13. Risky Assets

    14. Consumer's Surplus

    15. Market Demand

    16. Equilibrium

    17. Auctions

    18. Technology

    19. Profit Maximization

    20. Cost Minimization

    21. Cost Curves

    22. Firm Supply

    23. Industry Supply

    24. Monopoly

    25. Monopoly Behavior

    26. Factor Markets

    27. Oligopoly

    28. Game Theory

    29. Game Applications

    30. Behavioral Economics

    31. Exchange

    32. Production

    33. Welfare

    34. Externalities

    35. Information Technology

    36. Public Goods

    37. Asymmetric Information

    Mathematical Appendix