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  • Paperback + CD-ROM
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  • March 2004
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-15386-6
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Soil Equilibria: What Happens to Acid Rain?


Paperback + CD-ROM

Sharon Anthony (Author, Northland College), Michael Beug (Author), Roxanne Hulet (Author), George Lisensky (Author, Beloit College)


This module, for use in an analytical chemistry course, considers the consequences when soil equilibria are stressed through the addition of combustion-generated sulfur and nitrogen oxides to the environment.

Students consider the chemical species important in the soil system charge balance; how changes in pH, solubility, and ion exchange affect ion distributions and concentrations; and how both chemical systems and ecosystems respond. Instead of many simple problems where individual equilibria are studied separately, students question and investigate facets of a more complex problem through laboratory measurements of model and natural systems, supplemented by case studies.