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  • July 1968
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  • 528 pages
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Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Norton Critical Editions


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John Henry Cardinal Newman (Author), David J. DeLaura (Editor, University of Pennsylvania)


The text of the Apologia reprinted in this volume is the definitive text, embodying all of Newman's later changes, which reached its final form about 1886. Extensive notes are provided.

The present edition stresses the literary, humanistic, and religious power of the Apologia, Newman's personal development, and the progress of the Oxford Movement.

Students will be able to place the Apologia in its proper intellectual context by examining it alongside other important documents from the Newman-Kingsley controversy included in this volume: correspondence: Kingsley's pamphlet, "What, Then, Does Dr. Newman Mean?"; Newman's pamphlets "Mr. Kingsley's Mode of Disputation" and "True Mode of Meeting Mr. Kingsley"; and Newman's two Appendices of 1866.

The origin of the Apologia, its contemporary reception, and its present critical fortunes are discussed in studies by Martin J. Svaglic, Walter E. Houghton, Vincent Ferrer Blehl, Lewis E. Gates, Robert A. Colby, Leonard W. Deen, and David J. DeLaura.

A Bibliography is included.



    A Note on The Text

    A Newman Chronology

    The Text of Apologia Pro Vita Sua

    Basic Texts of the Newman-Kingsley Controversy

    1. Mr. Kingsley and Dr. Newman: A Correspondence on the Question Whether Dr. Newman Teaches That Truth is No Virtue?
    2. Charles Kingsley: What, Then, Does Dr. Newman Mean?
    3. John Henry Newman:
      1. Mr. Kingsley’s Method of Disputation
      2. True Mode of Meeting Mr. Kingsley
    4. Newman’s Two Appendices of 1866

    Origin and Reception of the Apologia

    1. Martin J. Svaglic, Why Newman Wrote the Apologia
    2. John Henry Newman, Letter to Canon Flanagan, 1857
    3. Walter E. Houghton, The Issue Between Kingsley and Newman
    4. Vincent Ferrer Blehl, Early Criticism of the Apologia

    Essays in Criticism

    1. Lewis E. Gates, Newman as a Prose-Writer
    2. Walter E. Houghton, Style and the Dramatic Re-creation of the Past
    3. Martin J. Svaglic, The Structure of Newman’s Apologia
    4. Robert A. Colby, The Poetical Structure of Newman’s Apologia pro Vita Sua
    5. Robert A. Colby, The Structure of Newman’s Apologia pro Vita Sua in Relation to His Theory of Assent
    6. Leonard W. Deen, The Rhetoric of Newman’s Apologia
    7. David J. DeLaura, Newman’s Apologia as Prophecy