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  • December 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92883-9
  • 656 pages
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The Red and the Black

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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Stendhal (Author), Robert M. Adams (Translator, late of the University of California, Los Angeles), Susanna Lee (Editor, Georgetown University)


Based again on Robert M. Adams’s highly regarded translation of Stendhal’s 1831 novel of ambition, love, and betrayal, this Second Norton Critical Edition of The Red and the Black is the most comprehensive and up-to-date edition available.

An extensively revised “Backgrounds and Contexts” section provides geographical and political insights into mid-nineteenth century France and places the novel in the context of contemporary authors and works. A map of 1830s France, political and literary chronologies, an account of the trial of Antoine Berthet, and related writings by Stendhal, Paul Valéry, and Jules Janin are included.

“Criticism” collects nine essays, seven of which are new to this edition, by Erich Auerbach, René Girard, Victor Brombert, Shoshana Felman, Peter Brooks, Sandy Petrey, Alison Finch, Lisa G. Algazi, and Susanna Lee.

A Chronology of Stendhal’s life and work, also new to the Second Edition, and an updated Selected Bibliography are included.


    Introduction to the Second Edition

    The Text of The Red and the Black

    Backgrounds and Contexts

    1. Map of France
    2. Political Chronology of France, 1774–1830
    3. Selected Chronology of French literature, 1800–1850
    4. [The Trial of Antoine Berthet]

    Stendhal on Stendhal

    1. From Love
    2. From The Life of Henry Brulard

    Writers Read Stendhal

    1. Paul Valéry – Stendhal
    2. Jules Janin – [On The Red and the Black]


    1. Erich Auerbach – In the Hotel de La Mole
    2. René Girard – The Red and the Black
    3. Victor Brombert – Le Rouge et le Noir: The Ambiguities of Freedom
    4. Shoshana Felman – "Madness" in the Novels of Stendhal
    5. Peter Brooks – The Novel and the Guillotine; or Fathers and Sons in Le Rouge et le Noir
    6. Sandy Petrey – Louis XVII and the Chevalier de la Vernaye: The Red, the Black, the Restoration
    7. Alison Finch – The Sense of an Ending in Stendhal's Le Rouge et le Noir
    8. Lisa G. Algazi – The Quest for the Mother: A Psychoanalytic Feminist Reading of The Red and the Black
    9. Susanna Lee – [The Red and the Black: Navigating the Secular World]

    Stendhal: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography