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  • November 1995
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  • 256 pages
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Winesburg, Ohio

Norton Critical Editions


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Sherwood Anderson (Author), Charles E. Modlin (Editor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute), Ray Lewis White (Editor, Illinois State University)


Set against the backdrop of a fictional 1890s town, Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio depicts the not-so-simple lives of its residents as seen through the eyes of George Willard, a young and observant resident.

The text of this Norton Critical Edition is that of the first book edition, published in 1919, and includes Harald Toksvig’s original map of the fictional Winesburg. Ample annotation is provided throughout.

"Backgrounds" includes five of Anderson’s letters, which illustrate his ideas about the stories; memoirs in which he wrestles with the revision process; and eight reviews of Winesburg, Ohio by Anderson’s contemporaries, among them H. L. Mencken and William Faulkner.

"Criticism" collects six of the most illuminating assessments of the book published in the last three decades. A variety of perspectives is provided by Walter B. Rideout, Sally Adair Rigsbee, John Updike, Joseph Dewey, Kim Townsend, and David Stouck.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are included.



    Note on the Text

    The Text of Winesburg, Ohio

    Map of Winesburg, Ohio

    The Tales and the Persons

    Backgrounds and Context


    1. To Waldo Frank (November 14, 1916)
    2. To Waldo Frank (December 14, 1916)
    3. To Arthur H. Smith (June 6, 1932)
    4. To Arthur Barton (November 26, 1932)
    5. To George Freitag (August 27, 1938)


    1. Sherwood Anderson, [The Writing of Winesburg], The Finding


    1. Heywood Broun, From the New York Tribune (May 31, 1919)
    2. Burton Rascoe, From the Chicago Tribune (June 7, 1919)
    3. Maxwell Anderson, A Country Town (June 25, 1919)
    4. H.L. Mencken, [A Book of Uncommon Merit] (June 28, 1919)
    5. William Lyon Phelps, From The New York Times Book Review(June 29, 1919
    6. Anonymous, Sordid Tales (July 19, 1919)
    7. John Nicholas Beffel, Small Towns and Broken Lives (September 21, 1919)
    8. William Faulkner, From the Dallas Morning News (April 26, 1925)


    1. Walter B. Rideout, The Simplicity of Winesburg, Ohio
    2. Sally Adair Rigsbee, The Feminine in Winesburg, Ohio
    3. John Updike, Twisted Apples
    4. Joseph Dewey, No God in the Sky and No God in Myself: “Godliness” and Anderson’s Winesburg
    5. Kim Townsend, [The Achievement of Winesburg]
    6. David Stouck, Anderson’s Expressionist Art

    Sherwood Anderson: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography