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  • September 1993
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  • 432 pages
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The Odyssey

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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Homer (Author), Albert Cook (Editor, Brown University)


The Second Edition of this Norton Critical Edition continues to be based on Albert Cook’s translation, widely acclaimed for its poetic phrasing and linguistic accuracy.

The English translation of Homer’s masterpiece matches the Greek line for line; no other translation is more faithful to the original. The result is a melodic version that preserves Homer’s style.

A glossary and a map of the Greek world accompany the text.

The Odyssey in Antiquity provides contextual materials and commentary to increase readers’ appreciation for literature and life in the Homeric age.

A collection of nine assessments of The Odyssey by ancient and medieval writers, including Pindar, Aristotle, Seneca, and Scholia, is featured.

Essays by G. S. Kirk and Martin P. Nilsson, respectively, discuss poetic conventions and the socioreligious order Homer depicts.

Criticism provides sixteen wide-ranging interpretations of The Odyssey. Included are seminal essays by Jean Racine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ezra Pound, Cedric H. Whitman, and A. C. Goodson.

Albert Cook, Elizabeth Storz, Norman Austin, and John Peradotto provide new perspectives on the poem.

An updated Selected Bibliography is also included.



    Preface on the Translation

    The Text of The Odyssey

    1. The Odyssey
    2. Glossary
    3. Map: The Greek World, with places mentioned in The Odyssey



    1. Pindar – Nemean VII
    2. Proclus – The Telegony
    3. Porphyry – De Antro Nympharum in Opuscula Selecta
    4. Aristotle – From Poetics
    5. Seneca – From Epistles
    6. Longinus – On the Sublime
    7. Demetrius – On Style
    8. Scholia – Graeca in Homeri Odysseam
    9. Eustathius – Commentarii ad Homeri Odysseam
    10. G. S. Kirk – Heroic Age and Heroic Poetry
    11. Martin P. Nilsson – [Homeric Anthropomorphism and Rationalism]


    1. Jean Racine – [Homer Begins Modestly]
    2. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – From Letters
    3. Ezra Pound – [The Homeric World]
    4. Gabriel Germain – Polyphemus and African Initiation Rites
    5. T. W. Adorno – Odysseus, or Mythos and Enlightenment
    6. Cedric H. Whitman – The Odyssey and Change
    7. Anne Amory – The Reunion of Odysseus and Penelope
    8. Albert Cook – The Man of Many TurnsVisual Aspects of the Homeric Simile in Indo-European


    1. John H. Finley, Jr. – The Heroic Mind
    2. Charles Segal – Bard and Audience in Homer
    3. Paolo Vivante – Time and Life in Homer
    4. Elizabeth Storz – The Beginning of the Odyssey
    5. Edwin Dolin – Odysseus in Phaeacia
    6. Norman Austin – Intimations of Order
    7. John Peradotto – Man in the Middle Voice: Name and Narration in the Odyssey
    8. A. C. Goodson – Homer and Ouranos

    Selected Bibliography

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