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  • December 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-97166-8
  • 384 pages
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Père Goriot

Norton Critical Editions


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Honore de Balzac (Author), Burton Raffel (Translator, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Emeritus), Peter Brooks (Editor, Princeton University)


The text is that of Burton Raffell’s acclaimed 1994 translation.

The text is accompanied by an introduction, textual annotations by the editor, and a map of Paris.

"Responses: Contemporaries and Other Novelists" illustrates Balzac’s immense influence on other writers, among them Charles Baudelaire, Hippolyte Taine, Émile Zola, and Marcel Proust.

"Twentieth-Century Criticism" presents a superb selection of critical writing about the novel.

The critics include Ernst Robert Curtius, Albert Béguin, Erich Auerback, Georges Poulet, Michel Butor, Louis Chevalier, Pierre Barbéris, Peter Brooks, Sandy Petrey, Nicole Mozet, and Janet L. Beizer.


    The Text of Père Goriot

    Map: Paris in the 1820s

    Responses: Contemporaries and Other Novelists

    1. C.A. Sainte-Beuve, M. de Balzac
    2. Charles Baudelaire, [Balzac’s Genius]
    3. Tháophile Gautier, [Balzac’s Modernity]
    4. Hippolyte Taine, Balzac’s Philosophy
    5. Emile Zola, From The Naturalist Novel
    6. Marcel Proust, Sainte-Beuve and Balzac
    7. Henry James, The Lesson of Balzac

    Twentieth-Century Criticism

    1. Ernst Robert Curtius, Energy
    2. Albert Béguin, Balzac the Visionary
    3. Erich Auerback, [Père Goriot]
    4. Georges Poulet, Balzac
    5. Michel Butor, Balzac and Reality
    6. Louis Chevalier, La Comeédie humaine: Historical Document?
    7. Pierre Barberis, The Discovery of Solitude
    8. Peter Brooks, Balzac: Representation and Signification
    9. Sandy Petrey, The Father Loses a Name: Constantive Identity in Le Père Goriot
    10. Nicole Mozet, Description and Deciphering: The Maison Vauquer
    11. Janet L. Beizer, Mirrors and Fatherhood in Le Père Goriot

    Honoré de Balzac: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography