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  • Hardcover
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  • July 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-97430-0
  • 448 pages
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Principles of Developmental Biology


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Sarah Hake (Author, University of California at Berkeley), Fred Wilt (Author, University of California at Berkeley)


Fred Wilt and Sarah Hake’s Principles of Developmental Biology is a modern new text for the undergraduate course in developmental biology, informed by the molecular and cell biology revolutions that have changed the field over the last fifteen years.

Designed for the one-semester undergraduate course, Principles of Developmental Biology stresses fundamental concepts, a select number of instructive experiments and cases, and contemporary research in its historical context.


The Molecular and Cell Biology Revolutions

Throughout the book, Wilt and Hake incorporate insights from the molecular and cell biology revolutions—revolutions to which they have been, and continue to be, important contributors.

State-of-the-Art Illustrations

Developmental biology is a complex subject; by "pushing the envelope" of modern computer graphics, the book’s artists have created illustrations that clarify and make memorable the often complicated processes of development.

Modern Emphases

The authors emphasize Ligand-Receptor interactions as the primary mode of intercellular communication during development, as well as the primary roles of cell polarity and non-equivalent cell divisions as the effectors of differential gene expression.

Superior Organization

Part One of the text begins with an introduction to the field and an overview of gametogenesis, fertilization, and lineage tracing. Part Two builds on this base with three chapter-length case studies on the development of drosophila, amphibians, and amniotes. Part Three delves into the development of more complex vertebrate organisms, and Part Four consists of three chapters on plant development. Part Five (Morphogenesis) and Part Six (Regulation of Gene Expression) explore in greater detail the common processes and concepts that underlie development.

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