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  • May 2002
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George Bernard Shaw's Plays

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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George Bernard Shaw (Author), Sandie Byrne (Editor, Balliol College, Oxford University)


This collection presents a cross-section of Shaw's most important theater work—Mrs. Warren's Profession, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, and Pygmalion.

Each play is fully annotated.

"Contexts and Criticism" features all-new material on the author and his work, from traditional critical readings to more theorized approaches, among them essays on Shaw's Fabianism and his alleged feminism.  Contributors include Leon Hugo, Sally Peters, Tracy C. Davis, John A. Bertolini, Stanley Weintraub, and J. Ellen Gainor.

A Chronology and a Selected Bibliography are included.



    The Text of the Plays

    Mrs. Warren’s Profession

    Man and Superman

    Major Barbara


    Contexts and Criticism

    1. Leon Hugo - Edwardian Shaw: The Writer and His Age
    2. Nicholas Grene - Bernard Shaw: A Critical View, Two Models:
    3. Wilde and Ibsen
    4. T. F. Evans - The Political Shaw in Shaw and Politics
    5. Sally Peters - Shaw’s Life: A Feminist in Spite of Himself
    6. Jean Reynolds - The Shavian Inclusiveness

    On Mrs. Warren’s Profession

    1. Mrs. Warren’s Profession - The New York Herald, October 31, 1905
    2. Tracy C. Davis - Apprenticeship As a Playwright

    On Man and Superman

    1. G. K. Chesteron - The Daily News, August 22, 1903
    2. John A. Bertolini - Fatherhood and the Self, or the Philosophy of Comedy

    On Major Barbara

    1. Margery Morgan - [Shaw’s Blakean Farce]
    2. Stanley Weintraub - Four Fathers for Barbara

    On Pygmalion

    1. J. Ellen Gainor - The Daughter in Her Place
    2. Errol Durbach - Pygmalion: Myth and Anti-Myth in the Plays of Ibsen and Shaw

    George Bernard Shaw: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography