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  • April 2003
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  • 432 pages
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1 Henry IV

Norton Critical Editions

Third Edition


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William Shakespeare (Author), Gordon McMullan (Editor, King's College London)


The text, with few departures, is that of the First Quarto (1598) edition of the play.

Act and scene divisions are not indicated in the Quarto; those of the First Folio have been incorporated, with one exception: scene ii of Act V has been divided into two scenes, with the concluding scenes numbered accordingly. The Third Edition includes expanded annotations.

"Contexts and Sources" includes dueling arguments on the play’s completeness (one play or one half of a play?) and the naming of a central character (Falstaff or Oldcastle?).

"Criticism" includes twenty-four essays—from E. M. W. Tillyard’s classic argument of an ordered Shakespearean universe to Graham Holderness’s rebuttal to Gus Van Sant’s interview regarding 1 Henry IV as the inspiration for his cult film, My Own Private Idaho—nineteen of them new to the Third Edition.

The Selected Bibliography has been thoroughly updated.



    A Note on the Text

    Abbreviated Genealogy of the Mortimers and the House of Lancaster

    The Text of 1 Henry IV

    Contexts and Sources


    1. Excerpt from the 1598 Quarto


    1. Harold Jenkins – The Structural Problem in Shakespeare’s “Henry the Fourth”
    2. Paul Yachnin – History, Theatricality, and the “Structural Problem” in the Henry IV Plays


    1. Gary Taylor – The Fortunes of Oldcastle
    2. David Scott Kastan – [Reforming Falstaff]


    1. Peter Saccio – [Shakespearean History and the Reign of Henry IV]
    2. Edward Hall – Henry, Prince of Wales
    3. Raphael Holinshed – Elizabeth and the Uniting of the Two Houses
    4. Anonymous – An Homilee against disobedience and wylful rebellion
    5. Raphael Holinshed – The Chronicles of England
    6. Samuel Daniel – The Ciuile Wars
    7. The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth


    1. John Dryden – The Composition of a Character
    2. Samuel Johnson – [Falstaff]
    3. Elizabeth Montagu – [Hal, Falstaff, and Taste]
    4. Maurice Morgann – An Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff
    5. John Dover Wilson – The Falstaff Myth
    6. Arthur C. Sprague – Gadshill Revisited
    7. E.M.W. Tillyard – The Second Tetralogy
    8. Henry Ansagar Kelly – [Providence and Progaganda]
    9. Graham Holderness – [Tillyard, History, and Ideology]
    10. Sigurd Burckhardt – [Symmetry and Disorder]
    11. John Wilders – [Knowledge and Misjudgement]
    12. Stephen Greenblatt – [Theater and Power]
    13. Scott McMillin – [Performing 1 Henry IV]
    14. David Scott Kastan – “The King Hath Many Marching in His Coats,” or, What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
    15. C. L. Barber – [Mingling Kings and Clowns]
    16. Michael Bristol – [The Battle of Carnival and Lent]
    17. Samuel Crowl – [Welles and Falstaff]
    18. Patricia Parker – [Fat Lady Falstaff]
    19. Coppélia Kahn – [Masculine Identities]
    20. Gus Van Sant – [My Own Private Idaho]
    21. Susan Wiseman – [Shakespeare in Idaho]
    22. Jean E. Howard and Phyllis Rackin – [Gender and Nation]
    23. Christopher Highley – [Defining the Nation]
    24. Barbara Hodgdon – [Endings]

    Selected Bibliography