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  • October 2004
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  • 384 pages
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Northanger Abbey: A Norton Critical Edition

Norton Critical Editions


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Jane Austen (Author), Susan Fraiman (Editor, University of Virginia)


Northanger Abbey, written in Jane Austen’s youth and posthumously published, is arguably her most mysterious, imaginative, and optimistic novel.

This Norton Critical Edition is the most extensively annotated student edition available.

"Backgrounds" features material carefully chosen to enhance readers’ appreciation of the novel, including biographical commentary, early works and correspondence related to Northanger Abbey, and excerpts by Ann Radcliffe, Frances Burney, and William Wordsworth, among others, tracing Austen’s connection to her Romantic contemporaries.

"Criticism" collects thirteen assessments of Northanger Abbey from a wide range of voices and periods, including essays by Margaret Oliphant and Rebecca West and critics Patricia Meyer Spacks, Claudia L. Johnson, Lee Erickson, and Joseph Litvak.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.


    The Text of Northanger Abbey



    1. Virginia Woolf, [The Girl of Fifteen is Laughing]
    2. Claire Tomalin, [Writing and Family in the Late 1790s]
    3. Q.D. Leavis, [Not an Inspired Amateur]
    4. Henry Thomas Austen, Biographical Notice of the Author


    1. Jane Austen, The History of England from the reign of Henry the 4th to the death of Charles the 1st (1791)
    2. Jane Austen, From Catharine, or the Bower (1792)


    1. To Cassandra Austen, [The Austens as Novel Readers] (1798)
    2. To Crosby & Co., [The Failure to Publish Susan] (1809)
    3. From Richard Crosby, [The Offer to Return Susan] (1809)
    4. Advertisement, by the Authoress, to Northanger Abbey (1816)
    5. To Fanny Knight, [The Shelving of Catharine] (1817)


  1. William Wordsworth, From Preface to the Second Edition of the Lyrical Ballads (1800)
  2. Samuel Coleridge, From Biographica Literaria (1817)
  3. Dr. John Gregory, From A Father’s Legacy to His Daughters (1774)
  4. Mary Wollstonecraft, From A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)
  5. Frances Burney, From Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World (1778)
  6. Ann Radcliffe, From The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794)
  7. Criticism


    1. British Critic, [The Customs and Manners of Common-Place People] (1818)
    2. Richard Whatley, [Hardly Exceeded by Shakespeare] (1812)
    3. Julia Kavanagh, [Small Vanities and Small Falsehoods] (1862)
    4. Margaret Oliphant, [Exquisite Derision] (1882)
    5. Rebecca West, [The Feminism of Jane Austen] (1932)


    1. A.Walton Litz, [Regulated Sympathy in Northanger Abbey] (1965)
    2. Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, Shut Up in Prose: Gender and Genre in Austen’s Juvenilia (1979)
    3. Robert Hopkins, General Tilney and Affairs of State: The Political Gothic of Northanger Abbey (1980)
    4. Patricia Meyer Spacks, Muted Discord: Generational Conflict in Jane Austen (1981)
    5. Claudia L. Johnson, The Juvenilia and Northanger Abbey: The Authority of Men and Books (1988)
    6. Lee Erickson, The Economy of Novel Reading: Jane Austen and the Circulating Library (1990)
    7. Narelle Shaw, Free Indirect Speech and Jane Austen’s 1816 Revision of Northanger Abbey (1990)
    8. Joseph Litvak, The Most Charming Young Man in the World (1997)

    Jane Austen: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography