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Anne of Green Gables

Norton Critical Editions


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L. M. Montgomery (Author), Mary Henley Rubio (Editor, University of Guelph), Elizabeth Waterston (Editor, University of Guelph)


Since its publication in 1908, Anne of Green Gables has been an enduring bestseller and arguably Canada’s most famous novel.

This Norton Critical Edition offers an unrivaled selection of contextual and critical material, edited by two leading Montgomery scholars. “Backgrounds” brings together fourteen relevant excerpts from Montgomery’s journals, letters, and juvenilia along with literary selections from, among others, Sir Walter Scott, Byron, Caroline Oliphant, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Louisa May Alcott. The cultural context of Anne of Green Gables is explored through the writings of Carole Gerson, Kate Wood, and Mary Henley Rubio. “Criticism” is divided into “Early Reviews and Responses” and “Modern Critical Views.” Eight reviews from 1908 to 1942 include Canadian, American, and British assessments. Critical essays are provided by, among others, Northrop Frye, Elizabeth Epperly, T. D. MacLulich, Juliet McMaster, Carol Shields, Margaret Atwood, and Elizabeth Waterston. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.



    Acknowledgements, Abbreviations

    List of Illustrations

    The Text of Anne of Green Gables

    1. Anne of Green Gables
    2. A Note on the Text
    3. Manuscript Additions



    1. Journal Entry (1889)
    2. “A Girl’s Place at Dalhousie College” (1896)
    3. Journal Entry (1901)
    4. “The Strike at Putney” (1903)
    5. Manuscript Journal Entry (1905)
    6. Letter to Ephraim Weber (1907)
    7. Journal Entry (1907)
    8. Letter to G. B. MacMillan (1908)
    9. Letter to Ephraim Weber (1908)
    10. Journal Entry (1910)
    11. Journal Entry (1911)
    12. Journal Entry (1914)
    13. “I Dwell Among My Own People” (c.1920/21)
    14. Journal Entry (1930)


    1. The Bible – From Daniel
    2. John Morison – From “The Race that Long in Darkness Pined”
    3. Sir Walter Scott – From “Marmion”
    4. Lord Byron – From “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”
    5. Caroline Oliphant, Baroness Nairne – From “The Maiden’s Vow”
    6. William Cullen Bryant – From “Song of the Greek Amazon”
    7. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – From “Hymn to Night”
    8. Caroline Norton – From “Bingen on the Rhine”
    9. Alfred, Lord Tennyson – From “Tears, Idle Tears”
    10. From “Lancelot and Elaine”
    11. Louisa May Alcott – From Little Women
    12. Kate Douglas Wiggin – From Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
    13. Clarence Karr – “Addicted to Books”


    1. Carole Gerson – “Author, Publisher, and Fictional Character”
    2. Kate Wood – “In the News”
    3. Mary Rubio – “Scottish-Presbyterian Agency”



    1. From The New York Times (1908)
    2. From The Globe (1908)
    3. From The Spectator (1908)
    4. From The Patriot (1909)
    5. From English-Canadian Literature (1913)
    6. From Head-Waters of Canadian Literature (1924)
    7. From Poteen (1926)
    8. From The Peterborough Examiner (1942)


    1. Northrop Frye – “The Pastoral Myth”
    2. Elizabeth Epperly – “Romancing the Voice”
    3. Marah Gubar – “The Pleasures of Postponement”
    4. Cecily Devereux – “The Culture of Imperial Motherhood”
    5. Gabriella ‰hmansson – “Lying and the Imagination”
    6. Frank Davey – “Ambiguity and Anxiety”
    7. T. D. MacLulich – “L. M. Montgomery and the Literary Heroine”
    8. Virginia Careless – “L.M. Montgomery and Everybody Else”
    9. Juliet McMaster – “Hair Red, Black, Gold, and Nut-brown”
    10. Rosemary Johnston – “L.M. Montgomery’s Interior/Exterior Landscapes”
    11. Elizabeth Waterston – “To the World of Story”
    12. Catherine Sheldrick Ross – “Readers Reading L.M. Montgomery”
    13. Carol Shields – “Exuberant vision”
    14. Margaret Atwood – “Revisiting Anne”

    Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography