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John Donne's Poetry

Norton Critical Editions


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John Donne (Author), Donald R. Dickson (Editor, Texas A&M University)


“Donald Dickson's John Donne's Poetry is the best text of Donne now available. It is scrupulously edited, and equally useful for students and for scholars.”—Harold Bloom, Yale University

The texts reprinted in this new Norton Critical Edition have been scrupulously edited and are from the Westmoreland manuscript where possible, collated against the most important families of Donne manuscripts—the Cambridge Belam, the Dublin Trinity, and the O’Flahertie—and compared with all seven seventeenth-century printed editions of the poems as well as all major twentieth-century editions. “Criticism” is divided into four sections and represents the best criticism and interpretation of Donne’s writing: “Donne and Metaphysical Poetry” includes seven seventeenth-century views by contemporaries of Donne such as Ben Jonson, Thomas Carew, and John Dryden, among others; “Satires, Elegies, and Verse Letters” includes seven selections that offer social and literary context for and insights into Donne’s frequently overlooked early poems; “Songs and Sonnets” features six analyses of Donne’s love poetry; and “Holy Sonnets/Divine Poems” explores Donne’s struggles as a Christian through four authoritative essays. A Chronology of Donne’s life and work, a Selected Bibliography, and an Index of Titles and First Lines are also included.



    Textual Introduction

    Textual Notes

    The texts of John Donne’s Poetry


    1. Satire 1.
    2. Satire 2.
    3. Satire 3.
    4. Satire 4.
    5. Satire 5.


    1. Elegy 1. The Bracelet.
    2. Elegy 2. The Comparison.
    3. Elegy 3. The Perfume.
    4. Elegy 4. Jealousy.
    5. Elegy 5.
    6. Elegy 6.
    7. Elegy 7. Love’s War.
    8. Elegy 8. To His Mistress Going to Bed.
    9. Elegy 9.
    10. Elegy 10. The Anagram.
    11. Elegy 11. On His Mistress.
    12. Elegy 12. On His Picture.
    13. Elegy 14. Love’s Progress.
    14. Elegy. Sappho to Philenis
    15. Epithalamion Made at Lincoln’s Inn.

    Verse Letters To Several Personages

    1. The Storm. To Mr. Christopher Brooke.
    2. The Calm.
    3. To Sir Henry Wotton. [“Here’s no more news”]
    4. To Sir Henry Wotton. [“Sir, more than kisses”]
    5. To Mr. R[owland]. W[oodward]. [“Like one who’ in her third widowhood”]
    6. To Mr. T[homas]. W[oodward]. [“Haste thee harsh verse”]
    7. To Mr. T[homas]. W[oodward]. [“Pregnant again”]
    8. To Mr. E[verard]. G[uilpin]. [“Even as lame things”]
    9. To Mr. S. B. [“O thou which to search”]
    10. To Mr. B. B. [“Is not thy sacred hunger of science”]
    11. To Sir Henry Wotton at His Going Ambassador to Venice.
    12. To the Countess of Bedford. [“Madam, Reason is our soul’s left hand”]
    13. To the Countess of Bedford. [“Madam, You have refin’d me”]

    Songs And Sonnets

    1. The Message.
    2. The Bait.
    3. The Apparition.
    4. The Broken Heart.
    5. A Lecture upon the Shadow.
    6. A Valediction Forbidding Mourning.
    7. The Good Morrow.
    8. Song: [Go and catch a falling star.]
    9. Woman’s Constancy.
    10. The Sun Rising.
    11. The Indifferent.
    12. Love’s Usury.
    13. The Canonization.
    14. The Triple Fool.
    15. Lovers’ Infiniteness.
    16. Song: [Sweetest love, I do not go.]
    17. The Legacy.
    18. A Fever.
    19. Air and Angels.
    20. Break of Day.
    21. The Prohibition.
    22. The Anniversary.
    23. A Valediction of My Name in the Window.
    24. Twicknam Garden.
    25. A Valediction of the Book.
    26. Community.
    27. Love’s Growth.
    28. Love’s Exchange.
    29. Confined Love.
    30. The Dream.
    31. A Valediction of Weeping.
    32. Love’s Alchemy.
    33. The Flea.
    34. The Curse.
    35. The Ecstasy.
    36. The Undertaking.
    37. Love’s Deity.
    38. Love’s Diet.
    39. The Will.
    40. The Funeral.
    41. The Blossom.
    42. The Primrose.
    43. The Relic.
    44. The Damp.
    45. The Dissolution.
    46. A Jet Ring Sent.
    47. Negative Love.
    48. The Computation.
    49. The Expiration.
    50. The Paradox.
    51. A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy’s Day; Being the Shortest Day.
    52. Witchcraft by a Picture.
    53. Farewell to Love.
    54. Self-Love.
    55. Image of Her Whom I Love.
    56. The First Anniversary: An Anatomy of the World

    Divine Poems

    1. La Corona Sonnets
    2. Holy Sonnet 1. “As due by many titles”
    3. Holy Sonnet 2. “O my black soul”
    4. Holy Sonnet 3. “This is my play’s last scene”
    5. Holy Sonnet 4. “At the round earth’s imagin’d corners”
    6. Holy Sonnet 5. “If poisonous minerals”
    7. Holy Sonnet 6. “Death, be not proud”
    8. Holy Sonnet 7. “Spit in my face”
    9. Holy Sonnet 8. “Why are we by all creatures”
    10. Holy Sonnet 9. “What if this present”
    11. Holy Sonnet 10. “Batter my heart”
    12. Holy Sonnet 11. “Wilt thou love God”
    13. Holy Sonnet 12. “Father, part of his double interest”
    14. Holy Sonnet 13. “Thou hast made me”
    15. Holy Sonnet 14. “Oh might those sighs”
    16. Holy Sonnet 15. “I am a little world”
    17. Holy Sonnet 16. “If faithful souls”
    18. Holy Sonnet 17. “Since she whom I loved”
    19. Holy Sonnet 18. “Show me, dear Christ”
    20. Holy Sonnet 19. “Oh, to vex me”
    21. The Cross.
    22. Resurrection, imperfect.
    23. Upon the Annunciation and Passion Falling Upon One Day.
    24. Good-Friday, 1613. Riding Westward.
    25. Upon The Translation of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney, and the Countess of Pembroke; His Sister.
    26. To Mr. Tilman After He Had Taken Orders.
    27. A Hymn to Christ, at the Author’s Last Going into Germany.
    28. Hymn to God, My God, in My Sickness.
    29. To Christ.
    30. A Hymn to God the Father.


    Donne and Metaphysical Poetry

    1. Ben Jonson [Conversations about Donne]
    2. Thomas Carew, An Elegy upon the Death of the Dean of Paul’s, Dr. John Donne
    3. Izaak Walton, From The Life of Dr. John Donne
    4. John Dryden [Donne Affects the Metaphysics]
    5. Samuel Johnson [The Metaphysical Poets]
    6. Dennis Flynn, Portrait of a Swordsman
    7. John Carey, Donne’s Apostasy
    8. Satires, Elegies, and Verse Letters

    9. Arthur F. Marotti, “Donne as an Inns-of-Court Author”
    10. M. Thomas Hester, “Ask thy father”: ReReading Donne’s Satyre III
    11. Alan Armstrong, The Apprenticeship of John Donne: Ovid and the Elegies.
    12. Achsah Guibbory, “Oh, Let Mee Not Serve So”: The Politics of Love in Donne’s Elegies
    13. Margaret Maurer, John Donne’s Verse Letters
    14. Heather Dubrow, Resident Alien: John Donne
    15. Gary A. Stringer, Some of Donne’s Revisions (And How to Recognize Them)
    16. Songs and Sonnets

    17. Donald L. Guss, Donne’s Petrarchism
    18. Patrick Cruttwell, The Love Poetry of John Donne: Pedantique Weedes or Fresh Invention?
    19. John A. Clair, John Donne’s “The Canonization”
    20. M. Thomas Hester, “this cannot be said”: A Preface to the Reader of Donne’s Lyrics
    21. Theresa M. DiPasquale, Receiving a Sexual Sacrament: ‘The Flea” as Profane Eucharist
    22. Camille Wells Slights, A Pattern of Love: Representations of Anne Donne
    23. Holy Sonnets/Divine Poems

    24. R. V. Young, Donne’s Holy Sonnets and the Theology of Grace
    25. Louis L. Martz, [Donne’s Holy Sonnets and “Good Friday, 1613”]
    26. David M. Sullivan, Riders to the West: “Goodfriday, 1613”
    27. Donald R. Dickson, The Complexities of Biblical Typology in the Seventeenth Century

    John Donne: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography

    Index of Titles

    Index of First Lines