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    This Norton Critical Edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 1856 verse-novel is based on Margaret Reynolds’ variorum edition, which the British Academy awarded the 1993 Rose Mary Crawshay Prize and which is reprinted here by special arrangement with the Ohio University Press.

Robert Browning's Poetry

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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Robert Browning (Author), James F. Loucks (Editor, Ohio State University), Andrew M. Stauffer (Editor, Boston University)


The Second Edition of this substantial collection of Browning’s poetry again reprints the texts of the seventeen-volume “Fourth and complete edition” (Smith, Elder), of which all but the final volume were approved by Browning before his death.

The poems are ordered chronologically according to their first appearance in book form. Thirteen new poems are included in this edition, with Pauline now printed in its entirety. Annotations have been revised throughout to clarify Browning’s references and vocabulary.

“Criticism” retains the important contextual perspective of the First Edition. The twenty-three essays, nine of which are new, are divided into three sections: “Victorian Views,” “Modern Essays in Criticism,” and “Interpretations of Poems.”

A Chronology, Selected Bibliography, and Index of Titles and First Lines are also included.


    The Experimental Phase (1833–45)

    1. From Pauline (1833)
    2. From Paracelsus (1835)
    3. From Sordello (1840)
    4. Pippa Passes (1841)
    5. From Dramatic Lyrics (1842)
      1. My Last Duchess
      2. Count Grismond
      3. Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister
      4. In a Gondola
      5. Cristina
      6. Johannes Agricola in Mediation
      7. Porphyria’s Lover
      8. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    6. From Dramatic Romances and Lyrics (1845)
      1. “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix”
      2. Pictor Ignotus
      3. Home-Thoughts, from Abroad
      4. [“Here’s to Nelson’s Memory!”]
      5. Home-Thoughts, from the Sea
      6. The Bishop Orders His Tomb at St. Praxed’s Church
      7. The Laboratory
      8. Meeting at Night; Parting at Morning
      9. Nationality in Drinks

    The Major Phase (1855–69)

    1. From Men and Women (1855)
      1. Love Among the Ruins
      2. A Lover’s Quarrel
      3. Evelyn Hope
      4. Up at a Villa-Down in the City
      5. A Woman’s Last Word
      6. Fra Lippo Lippi
      7. A Tocatta of Galuppi’s
      8. By the Fire-Side
      9. Any Wife to Any Husband
      10. An Epistle...of Karshish, the Arab Physician
      11. My Star
      12. “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”
      13. Respectability
      14. A Light Woman
      15. The Statue and the Bust
      16. How It Strikes a Contemporary
      17. The Last Ride Together
      18. Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha
      19. Bishop Blougram’s Apology
      20. Memorabilia
      21. Andrea del Sarto
      22. Saul [final version]
      23. Women and Roses
      24. Holy-Cross Day
      25. The Guardian-Angel
      26. Cleon
      27. Popularity
      28. Two in the Campagna
      29. A Grammarian’s Funeral
      30. “Transcendentalism: A Poem in Twelve Books”
      31. One Word More
    2. From Dramatis Personae (1864)
      1. James Lee’s Wife
      2. Di!s aliter Visum
      3. Abt Vogler
      4. Rabbi Ben Ezra
      5. Caliban upon Setebos
      6. Confessions
      7. Prospice
      8. Apparent Failure
      9. Epilogue
    3. From The Ring and the Book (1868–69)
      1. Book V. Count Guido Franceschini
      2. Book VI. Giuseppe Caponsacchi
      3. Book X. The Pope

    The Later Achievement (after 1870)

    1. From Fifine at the Fair (1872)
      1. Prologue (Amphibian)
      2. Epilogue (The Householder)
    2. From Aristophanes’ Apology (1875)
      1. [Thamuris Marching]
    3. From Pacchiarotto and How He Worked in Distemper: With Other Poems (1876)
      1. House
      2. Fears and Scruples
      3. Numpholeptos
    4. From Jocoseria (1833)
      1. Adam, Lilith, and Eve
      2. Never the Time and the Place
    5. From Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in Their Day (1887)
      1. With Christopher Smart
    6. From Asolando: Fancies and Facts (1889)
      1. Prologue
      2. Bad Dreams, I-IV
      3. “Imperante Augusto Natus Est-”
      4. Development
      5. Epilogue


    1. From “Introductory Essay” to the Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1852)


      1. John Forster, Evidences of a New Genius for Dramatic Poetry
      2. Thomas Carlyle, [Letter to Browning]
      3. George Eliot, [Review of Men and Women]
      4. William Morris, [Browning’s Alleged Carelessness]
      5. John Ruskin, [Browning and the Italian Renaissance]
      6. Walter Bagehot, [Browning’s Grotesque Art]
      7. Robert W. Buchanan, [The Ring and the Book]
      8. Alfred Austin, The Poetry of the Period: Mr. Browning
      9. Algernon Charles Swinburne, [Browning’s Obscurity]
      10. Gerard Manley Hopkins, [Strictures on Browning]
      11. Oscar Wilde, [Browning as “Writer of Fiction”]
      12. Henry James, Browning in Westminster Abbey

    Modern Essays in Criticism


    1. George Santayana, The Poetry of Barbarism
    2. G.K. Chesterton, [Reply to Santayana]
    3. William O. Raymond, The Infinite Moment
    4. J. Hillis Miller, [Browning’s Language]


    1. Robert Langbaum, The Dramatic Monologue: Sympathy vs. Judgment


    1. W. David Shaw, Browning’s Duke as Theatrical Producer [“My Last Duches, Browning’s “Childe Roland”: All Things Deformed and Broken
    2. F.E.L. Priestley, Blougram’s Apologetics
    3. Roma A. King, Eve and the Virgin: “Andrea del Sarto”
    4. E.D.H. Johnson, Robert Browning’s Pluralistic Universe: A Reading of The Ring and the Book

    Selected Bibliography

    Index of Titles