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Social Psychology

Fifth Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

with Ebook and InQuizitive

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Tom Gilovich (Author, Cornell University), Dacher Keltner (Author, University of California, Berkeley), Serena Chen (Author, University of California, Berkeley), Richard E. Nisbett (Author, University of Michigan)

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IIGThe Interactive Instructors Guide offers helpful and creative resources for lecture planning and classroom activities. This guide benefits novice and veteran instructors alike with a tremendous variety of resources to make the content more interesting to learn—and more interesting to teach. Searchable by chapter, phrase, or topic, the Interactive Instructor's Guide instantly provides multiple ideas for teaching: YouTube clips, clicker questions, and other class activities and exercises. This continually updated repository of lecture and teaching materials functions both as a course prep tool and as a means of tracking the latest ideas in teaching the social psychology course. 

 This guide includes:

Suggested Video Clips: A curated list of class-tested video clips that portray concepts in a way that students will find engaging
Class Activity and Discussion Ideas: New and time-tested ways to engage students in concepts in both large and small class settings
Clicker Questions: Designed to get students to think about the concepts and engage them in thinking about how the concepts apply to their lives
Author Outlines and PowerPoints: “Beyond the Text” PowerPoints that the authors created for use in their own courses
Lecture and Art PowerPoints
Chapter Outlines and Summaries, including learning objectives and key concepts covered by each chapter
"Beyond the Citation" Teaching Videos: The authors talk to students about what conducting research is all about—including insider stories and unexpected findings
(NEW) Concept Videos: Brief, 1–2 minute animated videos that connect key concepts to a diverse cast of characters in relatable everyday scenarios

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Lecture PowerPoints

The newly revised Lecture Slides include art from the book.

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Art Files

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InQuizitive is Norton’s award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool that personalizes the learning experience for students and helps them master—and retain—key learning objectives. Through a variety of question types, answer-specific feedback, and gamelike elements such as the ability to wager points, students are motivated to keep working until they’ve mastered the concepts. Students then come to class better prepared, giving you more time for meaningful discussions and activities. InQuizitive can also improve students' test grades when assigned consistently for points, as a part of the overall course grade. The convenience of LMS integration saves you time by allowing InQuizitive scores to report right to your LMS gradebook.

The Fifth Edition InQuizitive course includes 5–10 (NEW) questions of varying type per chapter. These new questions focus on the new Infographics, the "Not So Fast" critical thinking features, and areas that students typically find challenging, based on direct student feedback and user performance data. Revised questions also place additional emphasis on applying social psychology concepts and integrate more images from the text.


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The coursepack provides three assignable quizzes for each chapter. When assigned following the completion of the InQuizitive activities, the coursepack quizzes are an effective method of summative assessment.
• “Think About It” Quizzes that are designed to help students engage with their reading and apply the concepts they have learned.
• "Not So Fast” Quizzes that emphasize critical thinking and the “Not So Fast” boxes.
• Chapter Review Quizzes.

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Test Bank

Norton uses an innovative, evidence-based model to deliver high quality and pedagogically effective quizzes and testing materials. The framework to develop our test banks, quizzes, and support materials is the result of a collaboration with leading academic researchers and advisers. Questions are classified by section and difficulty, making it easy to construct tests and quizzes that are meaningful and diagnostic. The Fifth Edition test bank adds 10–14% new questions per chapter, for a total of 75 questions per chapter and 30 questions per application module.

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