Theory & Criticism

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  1. Book ImageHow to Read Lacan

    Slavoj Žižek, Simon Critchley

    “The only thing of which one can be guilty of is having given ground relative to one’s desire.”—Jacques LacanMore

  2. Book ImageThe Fourth Dimension of a Poem: and Other Essays

    M. H. Abrams, Harold Bloom

    A new collection of essays by the legendary literary scholar and critic.More

  3. Book ImageNatural Supernaturalism: Tradition and Revolution in Romantic Literature

    M. H. Abrams

    "The first modern study of the Romantic achievement, its origins and evolution both in theory and practice."—Stuart M. Sperry, Jr., Indiana UnviersityMore

  4. Book ImageDoing Things with Texts: Essays in Criticism and Critical Theory

    M. H. Abrams, Michael R. Fischer

    “One of the most respected literary scholars alive, . . . Abrams stands for understanding and conciliation, calling for a kind of humanism that can embrace the good in all literary theories.” —Washington PostMore

  5. Book ImageThe Correspondent Breeze: Essays on English Romanticism

    M. H. Abrams, Jack Stillinger

    The real test of Abram’s historical explanations is of course whether or not they “work” —whether, when we apply the criteria of correspondence and coherence (Just as in interpreting a poem), they “make sense” out of the particulars at hand and produce useful generalizations even in the face of competing historical interpretations. Abrams’ work continues to hold up. —Jack StillingerMore

  6. Book ImageThe Correspondent Breeze: Essays on English Romanticism

    M. H. Abrams, Jack Stillinger

    “[Abrams] can sum up whole epochs and genres with a telling phrase. . . .Admirably cogent and erudite throughout.” —Kirkus ReviewsMore

  7. Book ImageThe Land and Literature of England: A Historical Account

    Robert M. Adams

    “Professor Adams seems to have read the whole library and yet. . .retained his pith, vigor, suppleness, and good cheer. In addition, he knows how to tell a story. . . .One of the pleasure. . .lies in [the book’s] rich texture of cross-references between history and literature. . . .Exhilarating.” —Daniel Albright, New York Review of BooksMore

  8. Book ImageOresteia

    Aeschylus, Joshua Billings, Oliver Taplin

    “This vivid and accessible translation captures the drama of Aeschylus’ poetry and the excitement of the action in performance.” —VICTORIA WOHL, University of Toronto

    “This critical edition provides a lavish and fulsome picture of ancient Greek tragedy’s most significant surviving document.” —JOHANNA HANINK, Brown University


  9. Book ImageThe Annotated Little Women

    Louisa May Alcott, John Matteson

    The Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer of Louisa May Alcott illuminates the world of Little Women and its author.More

  10. Book ImageLittle Women

    Louisa May Alcott, Gregory Eiselein, Anne K Phillips

    This authoritative, accurate text of the first edition (1868–69) of Little Women is accompanied by textual variants and thorough explanatory annotations.More

  11. Book ImageRagged Dick

    Horatio Alger, Jr., Hildegard Hoeller

    Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks is arguably the best known of Horatio Alger’s American rags-to-riches stories.More

  12. Book ImageInferno

    Dante Alighieri, Michael Palma, Giuseppe Mazzotta

    This Norton Critical Edition of Dante’s masterpiece is based on Michael Palma’s verse translation, which is acclaimed for its elegant rendering of Dante’s triple-rhyme scheme into contemporary English.More

  13. Book ImageThe Pleasures of Reading: In an Ideological Age

    Robert Alter

    “A book that ought to be placed in the hands of any person who shows the slightest interest in serious reading or in hearing a good, practical defense of high culture.” —Wall Street JournalMore

  14. Book ImageVictorian People and Ideas: A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature

    Richard D. Altick

    Life in the Victorian period, focusing on the social, religious, scientific, and artistic movements that characterized the age.More

  15. Book ImageThe Art of Literary Research

    Richard D. Altick, John J. Fenstermaker

    Fourth Edition

    Since The Art of Literary Research was first published in 1963, it has been the established guide to the purposes, methods, and pleasures of research in English and American literature. It is the essential companion for courses in bibliography and research techniques and for programs in independent study, advanced composition, and undergraduate honors.More

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