Theory & Criticism

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  1. Book ImageAriel's Gift: Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and the Story of Birthday Letters

    Erica Wagner

    "This erudite critical study...breathes new life into Plath scholarship."—Publishers Weekly, starred reviewMore

  2. Book ImageAristotle's Poetics

    Aristotle, James Hutton

    Here is a new translation, remarkable for its accuracy and refreshing clarity of exposition, of the first major work of literary criticism.More

  3. Book ImageThe Art of Literary Research

    Richard D. Altick, John J. Fenstermaker

    Fourth Edition

    Since The Art of Literary Research was first published in 1963, it has been the established guide to the purposes, methods, and pleasures of research in English and American literature. It is the essential companion for courses in bibliography and research techniques and for programs in independent study, advanced composition, and undergraduate honors.More

  4. Book ImageAs I Lay Dying

    William Faulkner, Michael Gorra

    Long been recognized not only as one of William Faulkner’s greatest works, but also as the most accessible of his major novels.More

  5. Book ImageAs You Like It

    William Shakespeare, Leah S. Marcus

    “All the world’s a stage.” Shakespeare’s beloved pastoral comedy is now available in a Norton Critical Edition.More

  6. Book ImageAurora Leigh

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Margaret Reynolds

    This Norton Critical Edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 1856 verse-novel is based on Margaret Reynolds’ variorum edition, which the British Academy awarded the 1993 Rose Mary Crawshay Prize and which is reprinted here by special arrangement with the Ohio University Press.More

  7. Book ImageThe Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

    James Weldon Johnson, Jacqueline Goldsby

    The Norton Critical Edition of this influential Harlem Renaissance novel includes related materials available in no other edition.More

  8. Book ImageThe Awakening

    Kate Chopin, Margo Culley

    Third Edition

    “I have used the Norton Critical Editions since graduate school. As a teacher of high-school literature, I find them to be excellent resources for the study of various novels, plays, etc."—Brooke Gifford, Vincent Middle High SchoolMore

  9. Book ImageBacking into the Future: The Classical Tradition and Its Renewal

    Bernard M. W. Knox

    "Prospective readers puzzled by the somewhat enigmatic title Backing into the Future may well come to the conclusion that it is a reference to the amusing film produced in 1985, called Back to the Future. But in fact the source of the title is much older....More

  10. Book ImageBefore Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction

    J. Paul Hunter

    “By taking a close look at materials no previous twentieth-century critic has seriously investigated in literary terms—ephemeral journalism, moralistic tracts, questions-and-answer columns, ‘wonder’ narratives—Paul Hunter discovers a tangled set of roots for the early novel. His provocative argument for a new historicized understanding of the genre and its early readers brilliantly reveals unexpected affinities.” —Patricia Meyer Spacks, Edgar F. Shannon Professor of English, University of VirginiaMore

  11. Book ImageBellow's People: How Saul Bellow Made Life Into Art

    David Mikics

    A leading literary critic’s innovative study of how the Nobel Prize–winning author turned life into art.More

  12. Book ImageBen Jonson's Plays and Masques

    Ben Jonson, Richard L. Harp

    Second Edition

    This collection features three of Jonson's masterpieces: Volpone, Epicoene, and The Alchemist.More

  13. Book ImageBenjamin Franklin's Autobiography

    Benjamin Franklin, Joyce E. Chaplin

    New Edition

    The only edition of the celebrated Autobiography that includes the long-missing and recently identified “Wagon Letters.”More

  14. Book ImageBeowulf: A Verse Translation: A Norton Critical Edition

    Seamus Heaney, Daniel Donoghue

    Second Edition

    “Accomplishes what before now had seemed impossible: a faithful rendering that is simultaneously an original and gripping poem in its own right.”  —New York Times Book Review“Excellent ancillary materials in this critical edition make a potentially alienating text and culture accessible and engaging.” —Tim Melnarik, California State University, San BernardinoMore

  15. Book ImageBeowulf: A Prose Translation

    E. Talbot Donaldson, Nicholas Howe

    Second Edition

    The text of this edition of Beowulf is based on the highly regarded Donaldson prose translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem.More

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