Theory & Criticism

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  1. Book ImageOedipus Tyrannus

    Sophocles, Luci Berkowitz, Theodore F. Brunner

    This translation is for the contemporary reader. Specifically commissioned for stage production, it rings easily on the modern ear and yet remains faithful to Sophocles' original, avoiding the archaisms of other translations.More

  2. Book ImageApologia Pro Vita Sua

    John Henry Cardinal Newman, David J. DeLaura

    The text of the Apologia reprinted in this volume is the definitive text, embodying all of Newman's later changes, which reached its final form about 1886. Extensive notes are provided.More

  3. Book ImageThe Dark Voyage and the Golden Mean: A Philosophy of Comedy

    Albert Cook

    In this sharply angled book of criticism, Albert Cook offers a new approach to comedy in literature. Breaking through narrow traditional categories and concepts, he enables the reader to broaden his range of reference and to examine comedy and comic works from fresh philosophical and critical perspectives.More

  4. Book ImageHomer and the Heroic Tradition

    Cedric Hubbell Whitman

    “A work of extraordinary distinction, one which is surely destined to be a permanent landmark in the long history of Homeric studies.” —Whitney J. Oates, American ScholarMore

  5. Book ImageThe Philosophy of Grammar

    Otto Jesperson

    "My endeavor has been, without neglecting investigation into the details of the languages known to me, to give due prominence to the great principles underlying the grammars of all languages, and thus to make my contribution to a grammatical science based at the same time on sound psychology, on sane logic, and on solid facts of linguistic history," wrote the great linguistic scholar Otto Jesperson, when he made this important study forty years ago. He had become convinced of the necessity of studying language through the observation of living speech and only secondarily by examination of written documents.More

  6. Book ImageMeditations on Quixote

    José Ortega y Gasset

    A seminal discussion of literature by the author of The Revolt of the Masses.More

  7. Book ImagePoetry: A Modern Guide to Its Understanding and Enjoyment

    Elizabeth A. Drew

    The aim of this Book is to make the reading of poetry an exploration which constantly reveals new insights to the reader about himself as well as about the poets and their work. Because Elizabeth Drew believes that poetry is written to be read and enjoyed, she quotes many poems, old and new, familiar and unfamiliar. Her first chapters speak of the poetic process: language, symbolism, and rhythms. The rest of the book is devoted to a collection and discussion of poems on the great human themes love, religion, humanity that recur in every age and are given their most intense and memorable expression in poetry.More

  8. Book ImageThe Iliad of Homer: The Wrath of Achilles

    I. A. Richards

    According to legend, in ancient times Agamemnon led the Greeks into war with the city of Troy to recapture the beautiful Helen of Troy, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta.More

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