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  1. Book ImageDoing Things with Texts: Essays in Criticism and Critical Theory

    M. H. Abrams, Michael R. Fischer

    “One of the most respected literary scholars alive, . . . Abrams stands for understanding and conciliation, calling for a kind of humanism that can embrace the good in all literary theories.” —Washington PostMore

  2. Book ImageSt. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics

    Saint Thomas Aquinas, Paul E. Sigmund

    St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics contains translations of carefully chosen and central selections from The Summa Against the Gentiles, On Kingship or The Governance of Rulers, and The Summa of Theology.More

  3. Book ImageThe Underdogs

    Mariano Azuela, Ilan Stavans, Anna More

    Mariano Azuela’s classic novel of the Mexican Revolution is now available as a Norton Critical Edition.More

  4. Book ImageThe Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work

    Andrea Barrett, Peter Turchi

    In a splendid display of show-and-tell, 26 writers tell a story and lift the curtain to reveal how they did it.More

  5. Book ImageThe Power of Delight: A Lifetine in Literature, Essays 1962-2002

    John Bayley

    A magnum opus and a cause for celebration from one of the world's foremost literary essayists.More

  6. Book ImageRoy Blount's Book of Southern Humor

    Roy Blount, Jr.

    There may be no funnier species in the literary universe than a Southern writer on a roll.More

  7. Book ImageThe Consolation of Philosophy

    Boethius, Douglas C. Langston

    One of the most influential texts to come out of the late Middle Ages.More

  8. Book ImageThe Prose of Sir Thomas Browne

    Thomas Browne, Norman J. Endicott

    Sir Thomas Browne was one of the greatest English prose stylists--a physician by vocation, a theologian by inclination, and a writer of great elegance and erudition.More

  9. Book ImageLiteracies: Reading, Writing, Interpretation

    Terence Brunk, Suzanne Diamond, Priscilla Perkins, Et Al.

    Second Edition

    Literacies provides students with engaging selections on complex issues that resist easy answers.More

  10. Book ImageWhere We Stand: Women Poets on Literary Tradition

    Sharon Bryan

    “The essays in Where We Stand are utterly absorbing in their clarity, vitality, and variety, reminding us—if we need reminding—of the special vigor that marks the female literary tradition. If you are a woman (whatever you do), if you are a poet (whatever your sex), but especially if you are a woman poet, you’ll find this collection fascinating.” —Sandra GilbertMore

  11. Book ImageConsidering the Radiance: Essays on the Poetry of A. R. Ammons

    David Burak, Roger Gilbert

    “A. R. Ammons has exploded into the company of American poets that includes Whitman and Emerson and articulates the major impulse of the national expression: the paradox of poetry as process and yet impediment to process.”More

  12. Book ImageMy Father Married Your Mother: Dispatches from the Blended Family

    Anne Burt

    "[Includes] a take on just about every version of a newly extended family....Stellar."—Boston GlobeMore

  13. Book ImageWise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women

    Susan Cahill

    A pathbreaking anthology representing a tradition of the prophetic and practical wisdom of women's spirituality.More

  14. Book ImageThe Pleasures of the Past

    David Cannadine

    “Mr. Cannadine enjoys himself so much that he always conveys enjoyment to his readers. He is erudite and rigorous, yet always fun. I can imagine no better introduction to historical study than this collection.” —Hugh Brogan, ObserverMore

  15. Book ImageThe Analects

    Confucius, Michael Nylan, Simon Leys

    “Leys has made Confucius speak English more persuasively than any translator to date. His achievement is one of simplicity. . . . Leys sees his task as making the Confucius of the Analects fully persuasive again. He does this brilliantly.”
    —Stephen Owen, The New Republic

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