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  1. Book ImageKiss of the Spider Woman and Two Other Plays

    Manuel Puig

    These eminently readable plays highlight all the gifts that make Puig's fiction so remarkable.More

  2. Book ImageEight Modern Plays

    Anthony Caputi

    This Norton Critical Edition presents some of the most important voices in modern drama and, through the inclusion of supporting materials, places each play in its proper intellectual, artistic, and historical context.More

  3. Book ImageThe Condemned of Altona: A Play in Five Acts

    Jean-Paul Sartre

    The Condemned of Altona is a reminder that moral problems are real, irreducible and vital even when they are insoluble. It is, therefore, an event of first-rate importance. It is the work of one who is both a moral philosopher and a dramatist, of a writer who can present philosophical questions in the flesh and bones of concrete human situations.” —Heinz Lubasz, The New LeaderMore

  4. Book ImageThe Dance of Death

    August Strindberg, Arvid Paulson, Daniel Seltzer

    The authoritative translation by Arvid Paulson reproduces the original’s variations of tone, now colloquial and almost comedic, now of tragic eloquence. An introduction by Daniel Seltzer discusses Strindberg’s dramatic methods, places the play in the context of his work, and assesses his influence on the playwrights of today. The translator’s performance notes summarize The Dance of Death’s stage history.More

  5. Book ImageThree Plays of Euripides: Alcestis, Medea, The Bacchae

    Euripides, Paul Roche

    "Paul Roche...must be ranked among the great translators of the Greek dramas in our century."—Robert W. CorriganMore

  6. Book ImageA Short History of Shakespearean Criticism

    Arthur M. Eastman

    “Mr. Eastman’s book is to be welcomed on at least two counts. It makes for substantial and inviting reading on its own, and it serves as a guide to a fearfully bewildering subject. . . . The commentary in these pages is wide, learned, ingenious and full of penetrating and striking insights. . . . Mr. Eastman’s clarity, fairness and enthusiasm make his book an example of what a scholarly book should be.” —The New York TimesMore

  7. Book ImageNineteenth-Century Russian Plays

    F. D. Reeve

    This collection ranges from humorous social realism to powerful explorations of man’s capacity for evil.More

  8. Book ImageThe Dybbuk: A Play in Four Acts

    S. Ansky, Henry G. Alsberg, Winifred Katzin, Et Al.

    “Ansky’s The Dybbuk is a wonderful play. It is pleasant to be reminded of its dark grandeur again. . . . All the wonder, faith, piety and terror of the story are woven into [the] last act as if it were a religious tapestry.” —Brooks AtkinsonMore

  9. Book ImageThe Menaechmus Twins and Two Other Plays

    Titus Maccius Plautus, Lionel Casson

    Considered to be Plautus's greatest play, "Menaechmi; Or, The Twin-Brothers" is the story of two twin brothers, Menaechmus and Sosicles, who are separated at age seven when their father takes Menaechmus on a business trip.More

  10. Book ImageAmphitryon & Two Other Plays

    Titus Maccius Plautus, Lionel Casson

    Plautus wrote upwards of fifty plays, of which twenty have survived.More

  11. Book ImageRevolution as Theatre

    Robert Brustein

    Revolution as Theatre reflects the deep concern of a brilliant and disciplined mind confronted with the spectre of "clenched minds and clenched fists."More

  12. Book ImageOedipus Tyrannus

    Sophocles, Luci Berkowitz, Theodore F. Brunner

    This translation is for the contemporary reader. Specifically commissioned for stage production, it rings easily on the modern ear and yet remains faithful to Sophocles' original, avoiding the archaisms of other translations.More

  13. Book ImageThe Wakefield Mystery Plays

    Martial Rose

    The complete cycle of thirty-two plays.More

  14. Book ImageThe Dark Voyage and the Golden Mean: A Philosophy of Comedy

    Albert Cook

    In this sharply angled book of criticism, Albert Cook offers a new approach to comedy in literature. Breaking through narrow traditional categories and concepts, he enables the reader to broaden his range of reference and to examine comedy and comic works from fresh philosophical and critical perspectives.More

  15. Book ImageThree Greek Plays: Prometheus Bound, Agamemnon, The Trojan Women

    Edith Hamilton

    Three classic Greek tragedies are translated and critically introduced by Edith Hamilton.More

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