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  1. Book ImageSarton Selected: An Anthology of the Journals, Novels, and Poetry of May Sarton

    May Sarton, Bradford Dunley Daziel

    In a career spanning sixty years, May Sarton has been heard and acclaimed by an ever growing number of readers. With sensitivity, insight, and bravery, she speaks for the unmarried woman, the woman artist, the aging woman; but in her exploration of life's hard decisions, its poignancies and joys, she speaks for everyone.More

  2. Book ImageReadings in American Folklore

    Jan Harold Brunvand

    This book fills the long-felt need for an organized collection of scholarly studies in American folklore.More

  3. Book ImageAn Anthology of Pure Poetry

    George Moore

    In a conversation with Walter de la Mare and another friend (reproduced in the Introduction) George Moore, the Anglo-Irish novelist and man of letters, proposed "an anthology of pure poetry, the only one lacking on the book stalls."More

  4. Book ImageNineteenth-Century Russian Plays

    F. D. Reeve

    This collection ranges from humorous social realism to powerful explorations of man’s capacity for evil.More

  5. Book ImageThe Comic Tradition in America: An Anthology of American Humor

    Kenneth S. Lynn

    The selections in this anthology are drawn (with the exception of Benjamin Franklin) from the nineteenth century, the great age of American humor.More

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