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  1. Book ImageRilke and Andreas-Salomé: A Love Story in Letters

    Rainer Maria Rilke, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Edward Snow, Et Al.

    "Immensely readable...a significant piece of scholarship."—Fred Volkmer, New York SunMore

  2. Book ImageSelected Letters of Berlioz

    Hugh Macdonald, Roger Nichols

    One of the foremost composers of his generation, Berlioz was even more influential as an arbiter of musical taste and a writer of critical essays for the Parisian Journal des debats. But professional journalism was sometimes an unwelcome task for Berlioz, who felt hindered by considerations of diplomacy and censorship.More

  3. Book ImageSigmund Freud and Lou Andreas-Salome, Letters

    Sigmund Freud, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Ernst Pfeiffer, Et Al.

    Freud’s letters contain revealing commentaries on his working methods, his concept of narcissism, and his interpretation of Moses, and they treat the themes that preoccupied him in old age: death, religion, war. Frau Andreas’s topic include her relationship to Rilke, and her reaction to his death, and the psychology of the artist.More

  4. Book ImageStaying on Alone: Letters of Alice B. Toklas

    Alice B. Toklas, Edward Burns, Gilbert A. Harrison

    If letter writing is a lost art, Staying on Alone is a measure of what has been lost.More

  5. Book ImageT.E. Lawrence: The Selected Letters

    Malcolm Brown

    Although T.E. Lawrence was one of the greatest letter writers of our century, at least two thirds of his letters collected here have never been published before. This selection contains his correspondence with Mrs. George Bernard Shaw.More

  6. Book ImageThinking of Home: William Faulkner's Letters to His Mother and Father, 1918-1925

    William Faulkner, James G. Watson

    "What a pleasure! . . . Essential for understanding Faulkner, and a good read for everybody." —Noel PolkMore

  7. Book ImageWartime Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

    Rainer Maria Rilke, M. D. Herter Norton

    The letters Rilke wrote during the war and postwar years are of particular interest not only for whatever they may contain of the wisdom of the poet, the artist, and the humanitarian, but for their analysis of the intellectual and spiritual currents of the time.More

  8. Book ImageWilliam Carlos Williams and James Laughlin: Selected Letters

    William Carlos Williams, James Laughlin, Hugh Witemeyer

    This volume chronicles the correspondence between William Carlos Williams, a Pullitzer Prize-winning American poet, and his publisher, James Laughlin, the founder of "New Directions".More

  9. Book ImageWise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women

    Susan Cahill

    A pathbreaking anthology representing a tradition of the prophetic and practical wisdom of women's spirituality.More

  10. Book ImageThe Writings of St. Paul

    Saint Paul, John T. Fitzgerald, Wayne A. Meeks

    Second Edition

    The Second Edition of this perennially popular Norton Critical Edition is based on the Today’s New International Version of Paul’s letters, a new translation that is heralded for its inclusiveness and accuracy in representation of gender.More

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