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Women's Studies

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  1. Book ImageFinal Lectures

    Karen Horney, Douglas H. Ingram

    This book presents the lectures Karen Horney gave her class on psychoanalytic technique during the last year of her life.More

  2. Book ImageWomen in Families: A Framework for Family Therapy

    Monica McGoldrick, Carol M. Anderson, Froma Walsh

    “This collection is an outstanding work bringing together 22 contributed essays by family therapy theorists and practitioners on the subject of women and women’s issues. . . . These writings reveal abundant creativity and enormous scope. The volume is fertile, articulate, and absorbing . . . . It should be mandatory reading in every family training curriculum in the country.” —Smith College Studies in Social WorkMore

  3. Book ImageBulimarexia: The Binge/Purge Cycle

    Marlene Boskind-White, William C. White, Jr.

    Second Edition

    “An outstanding contribution to the literature on eating disorders.” —Albert D. Loro, Jr., Ph.D., former director, Eating Disorders Program, Duke University Medical SchoolMore

  4. Book ImageSend Us a Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835-1920

    Ruth J. Abram

    The irony of women’s acceptance into the medical world, and the unfortunate decline in their status at the beginning of the twentieth-century, is illustrated in this volume through words and pictures. By focusing on the class of 1879 at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the authors of the various essays depict individual trials, frustrations, and victories of nineteenth-century women physicians; and we come to understand a vital aspect of our history and how it affects us all today.More

  5. Book ImagePart of My Soul Went with Him

    Winnie Mandela, Anne Benjamin, Mary Benson

    Winnie Mandela, one of South Africa's most visible and articulate apartheid foes, spent many years as a "banned" person in her own country. She lived under virtual house arrest and was forbidden to address public gatherings or meet with more than one person at a time. She endured a forced separation of 27 years from her husband, Nelson Mandela. Here, in interviews and letters, she tells the story of her life and political development.More

  6. Book ImageThe Free Women of Petersburg: Status and Culture in a Southern Town, 1784-1860

    Suzanne Lebsock

    In this book, which has important implications for our vision of the female past, Suzanne Lebsock examines the question, Did the position of women in America deteriorate or improve in the first half of the nineteenth century?More

  7. Book ImageFeminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the école freudienne

    Jacques Lacan, Juliet Mitchell, Jacqueline Rose

    Jacques Lacan is arguably the most controversial psychoanalyst of our time.More

  8. Book ImageThe Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement: 1890-1920

    Aileen S. Kraditor

    "An important contribution to the history of women and the intellectual history of the United States." —Carl N. Degler, Stanford UniversityMore

  9. Book ImageThe Women Troubadours

    Meg Bogin

    An introduction to the women poets of 12th-century Provence and a collection of their poems.More

  10. Book ImageSelected Writings of Alexandra Kollontai

    Alexandra Kollontai, Alix Holt

    “Alix Holt, in her careful, objective comments on the life and work of Miss Kollontai, has served her subject well. . . .She has given us this chance to become acquainted with the thought of a woman liberated before her time.” —New York Times Book ReviewMore

  11. Book ImageSuch a Pretty Face: Being Fat in America

    Marcia Millman, Naomi Bushman

    We are a fat-obsessed society. Four out of every ten Americans are clinically overweight. Being fat, especially for American women, holds a special significance and is laden with symbolism. Low-fat foods, dieting programs, and diet books, few of which make a lasting difference, are the basis of a multibillion-dollar industry.More

  12. Book ImageInfanticide: Past and Present

    Maria W. Piers

    Infanticide, the deliberate killing of infants, was once and economic necessity and exists as a social atavism even today. This book explores the origins and motives of this behavior and is a contribution to the understanding of infanticide and, it is hoped, to its prevention.More

  13. Book ImageInner Hunger: A Young Woman's Struggle through Anorexia and Bulimia

    Marianne Apostolides

    A painful, powerful, and ultimately enriching account of what it feels like to be young, confused, and controlled by food.More

  14. Book ImageThe Sisterhood of Man

    Kathleen Newland, The Worldwatch Institute

    The role of women is in the midst of profound change all over the world. In this book, Kathleen Newland outlines the dimensions of the change and assesses its impact on economic and social patterns. Newland illustrates many of the forces that are altering the conditions that have for centuries determined women’s lot in life. These forces set the stage for what is likely to be a major departure for women from the restrictive, narrowly defined patterns of the past.More

  15. Book ImageThe Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America

    John S. Haller, Robin M. Haller

    “A highly readable, thoughtful, and detailed study …. No one has yet set the story of Victorian sexuality so firmly in the context of medical history.” —Journal of American HistoryMore

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