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  1. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in the Maine Mountains: Day Hikes and Overnights from the Rangeley Lakes to Baxter State Park

    Cloe Chunn

    Third Edition

    An updated guide to one of the East Coast's most popular hiking venues.More

  2. Book ImageSteve Colgate on Sailing

    Steve Colgate, Marcia Wiley

    The what, how, why and when of sailing, cruising, and racing by the head of the famous Colgate Offshore Sailing Schools.More

  3. Book ImageFundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, and Racing

    Steve Colgate

    For all sailors—novices and experienced racers alike—the acclaimed primer on sailing, cruising, and racing.More

  4. Book ImageNo Excuse to Lose

    Dennis Conner, John Rousmaniere

    “You are likely to learn more about winning yacht races by reading this book than from anything you’ve read in quite a while. . . . [It] gives us a close look at Conner—surely the most successful sailboat skipper in the United States today . . .” —Bruce KirbyMore

  5. Book ImageThe Dad Report: Fathers, Sons, and Baseball Families

    Kevin Cook

    An unforgettable look at how baseball families share our national pastime.More

  6. Book ImageThe Last Headbangers: NFL Football in the Rowdy, Reckless '70s: the Era that Created Modern Sports

    Kevin Cook

    The inside story of the most colorful decade in NFL history—pro football’s raging, hormonal, hairy, druggy, immortal adolescence.More

  7. Book ImageRedfish: All You Need to Know About When, Where, and How to Catch Reds

    Pete Cooper, Jr.

    A lively and instructive guide to catching this popular game fish.More

  8. Book ImageFly Fishing the Louisiana Coast: The Complete Guide to Tactics & Techniques from Lake Charles to the Mississippi River Delta

    Pete Cooper, Jr.

    A complete guide to fly fishing and visiting the hundreds of miles of bayous, coastlines, and the Mississippi River Delta.More

  9. Book ImageThe Paddler's Guide to Michigan

    Jeff Counts

    A travel guide for the paddling-inclined.More

  10. Book ImageThe Golden Age of Fly-Fishing: The Best of The Sportsman, 1927-1937

    Rolf W. Coykendall, Ralph Boyer, A. L. Ripley

    A collection of 26 articles and dozens of illustrations from the pages of The Sportsman, America's premier sporting magazine in its time: 1927-37. Authors include Eugene Connett, Frederick White, John Alden Knight, Edward R. Hewitt, Robert Page Lincoln, George D.B. Bonbright, and Jack Russell; illustrations are by A.L. Ripley and Ralph Boyer.More

  11. Book ImageThe Horse Traders

    Steven Crist

    Inside the billion dollar breeding industry that rules racing today.More

  12. Book ImageClub Soccer 101: The Essential Guide to the Stars, Stats, and Stories of 101 of the Greatest Teams in the World

    Luke Dempsey

    Everything any fan needs to know.More

  13. Book ImageThe Dickson Baseball Dictionary

    Paul Dickson, Skip McAfee

    Third Edition

    The definitive work on the language of baseball—one of the “Five Best Baseball Books” (Wall Street Journal).More

  14. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 More Hikes in New Hampshire: Day Hikes and Backpacking Trips from Mount Monadnock to Mount Magalloway

    Daniel Doan, Ruth Doan MacDougall

    Enjoy great hikes from New Hampshire's seacoast to the Canadian border.More

  15. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in the White Mountains: Hikes and Backpacking Trips in the High Peaks Region of New Hampshire

    Daniel Doan, Ruth Doan MacDougall

    Seventh Edition

    Lace up your boots, grab this guide, and explore the great outdoors!More

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