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  1. Book ImagePerformance Advances in Small Boat Racing

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  2. Book ImageAmerican Small Sailing Craft: Their Design, Development and Construction

    Howard I. Chapelle

    From the author of Yacht Designing and Planning and Boatbuilding: the definitive history and survey of the great classic American small sailing craft.More

  3. Book ImageImprove Your Own Boat: Projects and Tips for the Practical Boat Builder

    Ian Nicolson

    This practical book is written for all those sailing and boat-building enthusiasts who take pleasure in making improvements to their craft.More

  4. Book ImageTwo Yachts, Two Voyages

    Eric Hiscock

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  5. Book ImageThe Manual of Sail Trim

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    A guide for racing covers the principles of sail trim, crew movement techniques, maneuvers, and control systems, and gives advice on adjusting to special conditions.More

  6. Book ImageThe New Wilderness Handbook

    Paul Petzoldt, Raye Carleson Ringholz

    Revised and Updated

    Completely revised and updated throughout, the new edition of this successful guide is for everyone who ventures into the wilderness.More

  7. Book ImageBuild Your Own Boat: Building and Fitting-Out for Sail or Power

    Ian Nicolson

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  8. Book ImageA View from the Bench

    Red Holzman, Leonard Lewin

    What does a professional basketball coach see when he watches a game? What does he look for in the matchup of players such as Willis Reed vs. Kareem Abdul Jabbar? In this book, Red Holzman, one of the master strategists of the game, shares with us the insights of thirty years as a player, scout, coach, and general manager in the NBA.More

  9. Book ImageA Sailor's Tales

    Bill Robinson

    The editor of Yachting magazine has put together a big, fill-canvas collection of narratives, mostly from his own fifty years of sailing experiences. A superb writer and teller of sea tales, Mr. Robinson muses wonderfully on events as varied as the early humiliations of a young boy with more passion for the sea than experience at handling it to the peculiar problems of helping to operate Operation Sail.More

  10. Book ImageWanderer

    Sterling Hayden

    Fourteen years ago, when it was first published, Wanderer startled the reading world. Here was no simple narrative of a sea voyage, and here was the antithesis of a self-serving Hollywood memoir.More

  11. Book ImageComplete Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Touring

    William J. Lederer, Joe Pete Wilson, Frank Thomas

    Second Revised Edition

    “Here it is at last: everything you wanted to know about cross-country skiing. . . . This is the kind of self-teach book that I think is most useful. Everything is broken down into easy-to-grasp parts, checklists and charts. . . . Absolutely recommended for anyone who ski tours.” —Ski MagazineMore

  12. Book ImageThe Indy 500: An American Institution Under Fire

    Ron Dorson

    This book is not so much about racing as it is about race people. These are the people who do the racing, or run the races, or go to races, or hang around racing, or make money from racing. They are generally lively people, sharp-edged, with-it. This is a book about the Indianapolis style of auto racing, and the story is told from the participant's point of view.More

  13. Book ImageWind and Strategy

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    A complete discussion of the effects of wind and its changes on racing strategy--by one of the world's most successful sailboat racers.More

  14. Book ImageCoach: A Season with Lombardi

    Tom Dowling

    This may be the best and most readable book ever written about professional football. It is chiefly about Vince Lombardi.More

  15. Book ImageThe Techniques of Small Boat Racing: By the "International 14" Sailors of North America

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D., David Q. Scott

    Additional information is forthcoming.

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