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  1. Book ImageThe Tactics of Small Boat Racing

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D., Carol H. Little

    A detailed, technical, and readable study of the tactics of winning for the experienced sailor—by one of the world's leading small boat racers.More

  2. Book ImageFishing Small Streams with a Fly-Rod

    Charles R. Meck

    Meck invites fishermen who are tired of shoulder-to-shoulder fishing on renowed trout rivers to try the undiscovered small streams of North America, where ". . . once you experience a successful thirty-plus trout day, you'll be hooked for life".More

  3. Book ImageSteve Colgate on Sailing

    Steve Colgate, Marcia Wiley

    The what, how, why and when of sailing, cruising, and racing by the head of the famous Colgate Offshore Sailing Schools.More

  4. Book ImageIntroduction to Nautical Science

    Carl Chase

    Here are the basics: the physics of sailing, the theory of sail, ship handling under sail and power, the diesel engine, electrics and electronic. Here is an introduction to navigation—piloting, celestial, and electronic, the Nautical Almanac, the sextant, plotting, and a marvelous section called "Ten Easy Steps to Success with the Sun." This is an easy-to-understand, readable guide to what is needed to go to sea with confidence.More

  5. Book ImageThe Dick Francis Treasury of Great Racing Stories

    Dick Francis, John Welcome

    The master thriller writer and world-renowned champion steeplechase rider has selected these fourteen classics of short fiction to represent the most enthralling of all stories about horse-racing.More

  6. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in Western New York: Walks and Day Hikes from the Cattaraugus Hills to the Genessee Valley

    William P. Ehling

    The Western New York region encompasses forested hills, rolling farmland, picturesque villages, and natural wonders like the Genessee River Gorge, Allegany State Park, and Chautauqua Lake.More

  7. Book ImageCatamaran Racing from Start to Finish

    Phil Berman, Steve Tonnesen

    A world champion catamaran racer and one of the bestselling writers of catamaran sailing has created a book that is bound to be a valuable guide to catamaran racers for a very long time.More

  8. Book ImageStreet's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean: Transatlantic Crossing Guide

    Donald M. Street, Jr

    This guide includes an introduction to the Eastern Caribbean, sailing directions, charts, perpetual tidal calendar, light list, communications, provisions, customs, hauling facilities, marinas, and harbour charts of the Madeiras, Canaries, Cape Verde Islands, Azores, and Bermuda.More

  9. Book ImagePrecision Cruising

    Arthur F. Chace

    This book for the cruising sailor is dedicated to the proposition that cruising with precision, skill, planning, safety, and efficiency is cruising with the maximum of pleasure.More

  10. Book ImageDesirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts

    Technical Committee of the Cruising Club of America

    850 years of sailing experience and more than 750,000 miles of blue-water voyaging and racing have gone into this book!More

  11. Book ImageNo Excuse to Lose

    Dennis Conner, John Rousmaniere

    “You are likely to learn more about winning yacht races by reading this book than from anything you’ve read in quite a while. . . . [It] gives us a close look at Conner—surely the most successful sailboat skipper in the United States today . . .” —Bruce KirbyMore

  12. Book ImageAdvanced Racing Tactics

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    "Possibly the best book on racing tactics ever written." —Ted Jones, Dolphin Book Club NewsMore

  13. Book ImageThe Horse Traders

    Steven Crist

    Inside the billion dollar breeding industry that rules racing today.More

  14. Book ImageWinning: The Psychology of Competition

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D., Thomas C. Price

    This book is designed to explain why winners win, why losers lose—and why everyone else finishes in the same position time after time.More

  15. Book ImageImprove Your Own Boat: Projects and Tips for the Practical Boat Builder

    Ian Nicolson

    This practical book is written for all those sailing and boat-building enthusiasts who take pleasure in making improvements to their craft.More

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