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  1. Book Image1001 Walks in Britain

    The Automobile Association (Great Britain)

    Walks of 2 to 10 miles in every corner of Britain.More

  2. Book ImageWeekend Walks in Britain

    The Automobile Association (Great Britain), Paul Sterry

    Covering some of the most beautiful country in England, Scotland, and Wales, the routes in this sumptuously detailed guide lead you through rolling scenery and dramatic landscapes, through elegant towns and tranquil villages--picking out features of interest that include local birds and plant life, history, and architecture.More

  3. Book ImageVillage Walks in Britain

    The Automobile Association (Great Britain), Roger Smith

    Here are short tours--most take a half-hour to one or two hours--of 165 villages of unusual interest, beauty, and charm.More

  4. Book ImageWalks & Tours in France

    The Automobile Association (Great Britain)

    Sixty-one motor tours with easy-to-follow route directions; 114 walks with large-scale mapping.More

  5. Book ImageThe Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

    The Velominati

    The Velominati embrace cycling as a way of life, as obsessed with style, heritage, authenticity, and wisdom as with performance. This is their bible.More

  6. Book ImageOutside Adventure Travel: Fly Fishing

    E. Donnall Thomas, R. Valentine Atkinson

    Introducing a unique series of international sport/travel guides: your favorite sports, Outside's top picks of the greatest places on earth to pursue them. Each guide is an invitation to take your first steps toward an active vacation of exploration.More

  7. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania: From the Mason-Dixon Line to the Poconos and North Mountain

    Tom Thwaites, The Keystone Trails Association

    Fifth Edition

    A revised 5th edition of a classic hiking guide to one of the most-visited regions of Pennsylvania.More

  8. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in Western Pennsylvania: Walks and Day Hikes from the Laurel Highlands to Lake Erie

    Tom Thwaites

    Third Edition

    A bestselling guide by the dean of Pennsylvania hikers.More

  9. Book Image101 Best Outdoor Towns: Unspoiled Places to Visit, Live & Play

    Sarah Tuff, Greg Melville

    A unique guide for the millions of American urban dwellers and suburbanites seeking quick getaways to small, breathtaking locales where there are pulse-quickening activities but a slower pace of life.More

  10. Book ImageWeekend Walks in Dutchess and Putnam Counties: A Guide to History & Nature in the Eastern Hudson Valley

    Peggy Turco

    A gentle hiking guide to the region's natural areas.More

  11. Book ImageWalks and Rambles in the Western Hudson Valley: Landscape, Ecology, and Folklore in Orange and Ulster Counties

    Peggy Turco

    These gentle hiking books are packed with information about the natural history of the region.They're ideal for birders, nature lovers, and weekend walkers.More

  12. Book ImageThe Fall Line: America's Rise to Ski Racing's Summit

    Nathaniel Vinton

    “Great sports writing. . . . [Vinton] is taking us inside a world few ever visit.”—James Hill, Washington PostMore

  13. Book ImageWinning: The Psychology of Competition

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D., Thomas C. Price

    This book is designed to explain why winners win, why losers lose—and why everyone else finishes in the same position time after time.More

  14. Book ImageThe Sailor's Wind

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    Sailors from novices to experts will treasure this simple yet authoritative guide to the winds.More

  15. Book ImagePerformance Advances in Small Boat Racing

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D.

    Additional information is forthcoming.

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