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  1. Book ImageFrom a Bare Hull: How to Build a Sailboat

    Ferenc Máté

    Revised Edition

    A complete handbook on how to select and finish out a fiberglass hull and deck.More

  2. Book ImageExplorer's Guide 50 Hikes in Central New York: Hikes and Backpacking Trips from the Western Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes

    William P. Ehling

    Second Edition

    This pastoral region of hills, forests, lakes, vineyards, and gorges offers the hiker some of the most scenic landscapes in the Empire State.More

  3. Book ImageWalks in Nature's Empire: Exploring The Nature Conservancy's Preserves in New York State

    Scott E. Anderson

    Walks in Nature's Empire guides you through some of the Empire State's loveliest and most ecologically important sites.More

  4. Book ImageGood Fishing in Lake Ontario and its Tributaries

    Rich Giessuebel

    Veteran angler Rich Giessuebel provides a wealth of detailed advice to help you zero in on Lake Ontario's trophy fish.More

  5. Book ImageBoatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction

    Howard I. Chapelle

    Boatbuilding is a practical handbook and boatshop assistant, designed and written to meet the needs of the builder, covering the complete process of wooden boat construction.More

  6. Book ImageField of Screams: The Dark Underside of America's National Pastime

    Richard Scheinin

    Field of Screams is an anecdote-filled romp that unearths all the funny, bizarre, off-the-wall personalities and incidents that don’t fit in the official baseball picture. From violent and vengeful Ty Cobb and skinflint owner Charles Comiskey to such specimens of contemporary manhood as Pete Rose, Jose Canseco, George Steinbrenner, Darryl Strawberry, and, yes, Vince “Family Man” Coleman, Field of Screams definitely highlights the men who will never ever be presented as role models again. Kevin Costner wept. Sorry, Kev.More

  7. Book ImageStreet's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean: Anguilla to Domenica

    Donald M. Street, Jr

    The cruiser's bible for safe navigation.More

  8. Book ImagePress Box: Red Smith's Favorite Sports Stories

    Red Smith

    “For a lot of years, Red Smith reported the sports scene with a hard look and a soft laugh. In Press Box, you’ll find the stories he enjoyed, about and by people who entertained him.” —Joe GaragiolaMore

  9. Book ImageBackwoods Ethics: A Guide to Low-Impact Camping and Hiking

    Guy Waterman, Laura Waterman

    Second Edition

    "A classic of backpacking literature." —BackpackerMore

  10. Book ImageFishing Vermont's Streams and Lakes: A Guide to the Green Mountain State's Best Trout and Bass Waters

    Peter F. Cammann

    "Peter Cammann has spent endless hours researching all of Vermont's waters. This book, chapter after chapter, proves it and presents many untapped fishing opportunities." —Jerry McKinnis, host and producer, "The Fishin' Hole"More

  11. Book ImageFlies in the Water, Fish in the Air: A Personal Introduction to Fly-Fishing

    Jim Arnosky

    An anecdotal account of the pleasures of fly fishing, discussing the choice and use of tackle, kinds of flies, walking in water, and watching for fish.More

  12. Book ImageThe New Treasury of Great Racing Stories

    Dick Francis, John Welcome

    Best-selling authors Dick Francis and John Welcome bring us a richly entertaining collection of classic horse racing stories by authors past and present. Here are selections from Damon Runyon, whose “Pick the Winner” introduces us to the unforgettable, ironically named Hot Horse Herbie and “his everloving fiancee, Miss Cutie Singleton”; Molly Keane, with a brilliant evocation of racing among the Anglo-Irish gentry in the story “Pullinstown”; Banjo Patterson, the Australian Bush Balladeer, whose “The Oracle” presents a classic specimen of the species found at the tracks the world over, the tout; and much more.More

  13. Book ImageThe Norton Book of Sports

    George Plimpton

    Plimpton's incredible compilation of the best sports writing ever.More

  14. Book ImageWalk to Your Heart's Content: The Way to Fitness, Health and Adventure

    Norman D. Ford

    Describes the health and fitness advantages of walking, discusses proper diet, warm-up exercises, foot care, and clothing and footwear, and describes some of the best places for both day and overnight walks.More

  15. Book ImagePositioning: The Logic of Sailboat Racing

    Stuart H. Walker, M.D., Thomas C. Price

    Stuart Walker, a world champion celebrated for his books and columns on racing in Sailing World magazine, here takes his readers step by step through the elements that determine racing factors: wind direction, velocity, temperature, stability, current strength, and direction.More

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