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  1. Book ImageHappy as a Dane: 10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World

    Malene Rydahl

    This international bestseller shows why the Danes are happy and how we can be, too.More

  2. Book ImageAssigned: Life with Gender

    Lisa Wade, Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen

    Introduce students to the social science of gender.More

  3. Book ImageSt. Marks Is Dead: The Many Lives of America’s Hippest Street

    Ada Calhoun

    A vibrant narrative history of three hallowed Manhattan blocks—the epicenter of American cool.More

  4. Book ImagePlaying for Their Lives: The Global El Sistema Movement for Social Change Through Music

    Eric Booth, Tricia Tunstall

    An eye-opening view of the unprecedented global spread of El Sistema—intensive music education that disrupts the cycles of poverty.More

  5. Book ImageSocial Problems

    Joel Best

    Third Edition

    A complete set of tools for analyzing any social problem.More

  6. Book ImageThe Well-Tuned Brain: The Remedy for a Manic Society

    Peter C. Whybrow

    In this optimistic and inspiring book, Peter Whybrow, the prize-winning author of American Mania, returns to offer a prescription for genuine human progress.More

  7. Book ImageThe End of Karma: Hope and Fury Among India's Young

    Somini Sengupta

    A penetrating, personal look at contemporary India—the world’s largest democracy at a moment of transition.More

  8. Book ImageRace in America

    Matthew Desmond, Mustafa Emirbayer

    A groundbreaking approach to thinking about race and racism today.More

  9. Book ImageFear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style

    Cintra Wilson

    As the former New York Times Critical Shopper, and voted one of Fashionista's 50 Most Influential People in New York Fashion, Cintra Wilson knows something about clothes. And in Fear and Clothing, she imparts her no-holds-barred, totally outrageous, astute, and hilarious wisdom to the reader.More

  10. Book ImageThe Born Frees: Writing with the Girls of Gugulethu

    Kimberly Burge

    A creative writing group unites and inspires girls of the first South African generation “born free.”More

  11. Book ImageLibrary: An Unquiet History

    Matthew Battles

    "Engrossingly saturated with fascinating lore, colorful anecdotes, and deft portraits." —Hilarie M. Sheets, New York TimesMore

  12. Book ImageGetting Culture

    Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen

    A provocative and useful introduction to all the different kinds of sociological research and writing that falls under the category of “cultural.”More

  13. Book ImageFamilies as They Really Are

    Barbara J. Risman, Virginia Rutter

    Second Edition

    A fresh collection of original essays by leading scholars that explores how families operate in everyday life.More

  14. Book ImageAmerican Society: How It Really Works

    Erik Olin Wright, Joel Rogers

    Second Edition

    The definitive critical introduction to American society.More

  15. Book ImageReadings for Sociology

    Garth Massey

    Eighth Edition

    The perfect mix of classic and contemporary readings.More

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